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Benefits of Home Alcohol Detox

When you decide to change your life and get sober, detoxing your body from alcohol is the first step. Detoxing from alcohol can be a rough ordeal, especially if you are a heavier drinker or are physically dependent on alcohol. Even if you are not physically addicted, the mental cravings associated with alcohol can be just as bad and without certain institutional safeguards in place, successfully detoxing at home can be difficult. However with the help of a medical doctor and staff, you can successfully detox in the comfort of your own home. There are advantages to attending a residential program but with proper support, home detox is possible, and for some reasons preferable. However, there are numerous benefits to detoxing at home. 

Continue School or Work

To attend an in-patient facility, you might be forced to take time off work and possibly lose income. Plus you have regular bills to keep up on and that can be difficult, so many people continue that self-destructive habit over economics. Detoxing often is accompanied by withdrawals and your body will do it’s best to convince you to have a drink to end those feelings of discomfort. During your at-home alcohol detox, medications are administered and monitored by a nurse or medical profession that is with you during your detox session. With a team of medical professionals right at your doorstep, you can safely detox without having to miss any school or work.

The Comfort of Family or Friends

Detoxing in your home allows you to have people close to you in attendance rather than being surrounded by random strangers who are also enduring the discomfort of detoxing. Being at home allows you to focus on your needs, goals, and working one-one-one with a medical doctor can help you foster the safe space needed to begin the path of recovery.

In lieu of a traditional detox, friends or family can provide a familiar comforting presence, one far preferable to sharing rooms with random strangers, especially during the most uncomfortable times of your detox. Detoxing at home also means there are no rules that need to be learned for followed. Instead you may smoke if and when you wish, eat or sleep on your schedule and sit on the sofa to watch your favorite movie or TV show. You also have unlimited access to your phone, so additional help is within reach should you wish it, as well as access to any hotlines or additional support groups by going online.


Other benefits to a home detox program is that your workplace won’t need to know. Detoxing in the privacy of your home means just that, the entire process remains private. The most important thing that a safe at home medical detox provides is trained medical professionals in attendance to monitor vital signs and maintain you medically. By detoxing at home, you can keep your struggle private if that is important to you by limiting all visitors to those that are most important to you which also allows for those involved to take an active role from the onset. By including them from the beginning, this network of support will remain far stronger than one started among people you would meet at a 30 day rehab facility or week-long detoxification program. 

Alcohol addiction doesn’t just affect the person drinking. Because alcohol addiction takes a toll on everyone around you, when they see you beginning to take the initial step towards sobriety, involving them can help them understand what you’re going through, and begin the path towards healing for themselves as well.

At Home Alcohol Detox in Los Angeles

Despite all the benefits, another added benefit is that our medical staff can help you find assistance with other life changes you may need to make, including removing alcohol from your home, throwing away paraphernalia such as beer mugs or wine glasses, and it may even help to rearrange your furniture or living space to help you begin a new start.

If you have gotten to a place in your life where alcohol has become an increasingly larger problem, maybe it is time to try sobriety. While many people feel shame at admitting their life is unmanageable because of alcohol, there are options available to change your life. Following through with an at-home detox or substance abuse program will provide you with the chance to change your future for the better. Learn more about MD Detox and the services we provide today! 

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