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Cleaning up the Wreckage of the Past


Cleaning up the Wreckage of the Past: Finances

It’s rare for a person to get sober and have a clean and clear financial life. Many folks feel anxious, agitated and overwhelmed. There is hope, though and it lies in asking for help. It’s difficult to think about how to address the parking tickets, overdrawn checking accounts, high credit card bills, school loans, and loans from family and friends. So… who do you ask for help? Do you have a social worker? Therapist? Case Manager? These people can help link you with resources like credit counselors, new job prospects, financial advisors, lawyers and accountants if necessary.

The most important thing to remember when thinking about your finances is to focus on your recovery. Breathe. Slow down and reach out to others. When you focus on your recovery and connecting with others who have been through the same experiences before, you’ll find hope, guidance and strength that you didn’t know was there.

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