Family Education

Family Education and Support

MD Home Detox treatment teams provide psych education for the family while the client is in the detoxification process. With psych education, we aim to assist the family in better understanding addiction, co-occurring disorders and denial. We will connect the family with a family therapist or appropriate support groups. It is important for the family to understand issues like codependency, enabling and healthy boundaries in order to support the client in his or her recovery.

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Our assessment and screening process includes assessing how to best support your detox at home. Some home environments are conducive to having the family stay in the home. Some families prefer to stay with family, or friends or at a nearby hotel while their family member is detoxing at home.

We recommend that families get support while a family member is detoxing. Our treatment team includes Marriage and Family Therapists who can work with your family and connect them with community supports if needed.

We recommend having a home clean of drugs and alcohol during active detoxification, as this process is taking place in the home. Once you have stabilized, we will work with you and your family to support your plan toward achieving treatment plan goals. This often includes an exploration of the pros and cons of keeping substances in the home, and how it affects the overall well-being of each family member.

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