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Drug and Alcohol Home Detox


Home Detox for Executives

Executives often wonder if there are detox services available to them that are discreet and comfortable. There are many places that offer detox services that are safe and luxurious. Detoxing from home is one option that many people are unaware of.

Addiction can high-pressure anyone from any background. Professionals often struggle with addiction for a long time before getting help. If you’re an executive who thinks they have a problem with alcohol or drugs, read on. Many people appear prosperous and stable and secretly struggle with addiction or mental health issues. Learning more about your addiction and getting sober can help you make the right choice to begin your path to recovery.

Why Do Executives Use Drugs/Alcohol?

We live in a high pressure world. Executives use substances for the same reason many people use them. One of the main reasons people use drugs or alcohol is to relax or “let off some steam.”

In Silicon Valley, there has been a lot of awareness about substance abuse. Executives and people trying to climb the corporate ladder may use stimulants to stay up later and get things done. Others may have a lot of pressure and start abusing drugs prescribed for pain or anxiety. Addiction doesn’t care where you work, what your title is, or where you live. It’s a disorder of the brain.

What Kinds of Addictions Can Home Detox Treat?

Many people have misconceptions when it comes to home detox. For one thing, we are not encouraging anyone to try and detox from their homes. This is dangerous for many people who are addicted, and often causes relapse for individuals. Executives who wish to detox at home can do so, but they must first clarify which drugs they use during intake.

Clinical staff members will be able to anticipate which withdrawal symptoms you may experience. Home detox is appropriate for people who are detoxing from alcohol, benzodiazepines, opioids, and prescription drugs, as well as others.

Executives that want to detox at home can do this with the help of a physician and monitored by a home detox nurse who can make you as comfortable as possible, no matter which drugs you have used.

Many people who are addicted to heroin, opioids, and other drugs will experience intense detox symptoms. A detox nurse can help you feel comfortable and will be able to administer both over-the-counter medications and prescription medications, if needed, under the guidance of the doctor.

Why Detox at Home?

Safe and comfortable withdrawal should be your objective when you’re getting clean and sober. A doctor who is a Board Certified Addiction Specialist will help you alongside a compassionate and professional treatment team. The goal is to provide the client with the best medical and psychological care possible.

Detox is just one phase of recovery. Getting the client sober and stable is necessary to advance to the next phase of recovery. For an executive, it’s important to know what the process is and how long it will take. Your detox staff will help you plan this so that you can have the time and resources you need to start your recovery journey. Everyone has individual needs, and this process must involve family as well.

In your home, a professional and experienced home detox medical staff monitor the client as they progress through the detox process. Home detox staff will typically:

  • Monitor vital signs, such as blood pressure, fever, etc.
  • Assess and dispense medication, if needed.
  • Keep track of withdrawal symptoms.
  • Assess a client’s sleep patterns.
  • Coordinate nutritional intake.
  • Remove drug or alcohol paraphernalia from the residence.
  • Coach a client who needs somebody to talk to.

Some public detox centers try to be everything to everyone. They’re not discreet, and they don’t let your family, friends, and other people you trust to support you while you’re there.

At home, you’ll spend time focusing on your own needs. During the detox process, a client will usually relax and spend time just going through the process. It may be a tumultuous time in regards to emotions and other symptoms, which is why we don’t recommend that clients attend therapy or drug treatment groups until they are detoxed completely.

Home Detox is a Good Choice For Executives

As an executive, you may feel like you have an image to protect or responsibilities to attend to. Home detox is also an excellent time to plan your next steps, whether you’re interested in inpatient treatment, therapy, or 12-step programs.

We provide what we consider upscale, concierge services for our clients and never treat you like a patient in a hospital. One-on-one services can help you make decisions and educate you about what you’re going through. Everyone’s detoxification process is different, but we’re here to help you plan this part of your recovery and make you feel as comfortable and safe as possible. Call us at 888.592.8541 to learn more about our confidential services.

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