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At Home Detox
In Connecticut

MD Home Detox in Connecticut offers at-home detox throughout the state of Connecticut. Thus, we will coordinate the best home services based on people’s needs or the special requests they have.

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    Alcohol and Drugs Detox At-Home Programs Offered in Connecticut

    For people who are 1 of the thousands struggling with an addiction, it is important to reach out to the right person for help. People should not face the consequences of withdrawal symptoms alone.

    As a matter of fact, they can be quite dangerous and relatively uncomfortable as well. Fortunately, despite this, we have various programs offered throughout Connecticut that help them feel more comfortable while recovering.

    Signing on with a medically assisted detox program like MD Home Detox can help people become sober in a safer, manageable way. To add, there are addiction recovery professionals who understand the process. What is more, they work with people to help them overcome their symptoms. In summary, we help to reduce any complications while doing so in a comfortable environment.

    Home Detox in CT

    We offer an intensive stay-at-home program for those who have a long-time addiction and wish to detox in a comfortable environment. Because of this, this treatment offers more flexibility. Secondly, it offers comfort for those who have tried other methods but wish to try something different in order to get sober.

    How Do You Know If You Need Detox?

    A surefire way to determine if someone needs detox is to review what happens in their mind and body when unable to use substances. Additionally, they may also observe what symptoms occur if they try to stop using on their own.

    For example, if they go into a state of withdrawal, where symptoms develop and are hard to manage, then they are dependent on the substance or substances. In that case, seeking detox services on a professional level is ideal. This is because they can safely get through this process without risk of relapse and potentially fatal overdose.

    Who is Detox For?

    Detox is a service several people can utilize as part of their recovery journey. Furthermore, it is most common in those who have developed a physical and/or psychological dependence on the abused substance. In part, that is because having professional care during this time can ease the intensity of the process.

    But, on the other hand, other individuals can obtain detox services, too. First, these include those who have a long history of substance abuse for example. Secondly, this includes those who have mental health or medical conditions that could be impacted by detoxing. Lastly, this includes and/or those who are grappling with relentless cravings.

    What Substances Require Detox in CT?

    MD Home Detox offers individualized concierge detox treatment with a trained clinical team in one’s home. The substances that require detox include:

    What is an At-Home Detox in CT?

    First off, having an intensive inpatient program might be necessary for a number of individuals. For instance, 1 could be including those with long-term substance abuse problems.

    Nevertheless, those who are new to the addiction program may do better with MD Home Detox’s at-home detox in Connecticut. In this way, we work with people to get clean while they look into other options for after detox.

    Benefits of Home Detox

    It is important people have a safe detox process. Hence, this is why we work with their doctor. Additionally, we work with a Board Certified Addiction Specialist and other professionals who are useful in the detox and addiction field. Fortunately, they work together to provide the best treatment plan for one’s unique situation.

    Home detox in Connecticut offers the following benefits:

    • Stability of a Home Environment: Those who like to be at home, feel safer home. Moreover, they enjoy the atmosphere of healing in their own space. Lastly, the stability of the home environment helps to heal not only the body but the soul.
    • Lower Cost: Having at-home treatment means having fewer costs to cover. Inpatient rehab can cost a decent amount. Thus, when someone is choosing a way to become sober, in-home options with medical professionals may be more ideal for some.
    • Personal Life is not Interrupted: People do not have to worry about a disruption in their schedule. To add, whether they are a full-time student or have a job, getting the detox needed can be done right from the comfort of their home. Lastly, it can occur at a time that works the best for them and their schedule.

    Detoxing is important. Furthermore, with private nursing services, people can have someone watching over them during the process. In fact, this ensures they are not in any trouble. Additionally, their vitals will be managed, and they will clean out one’s system before starting the addiction recovery process.

    Connecticut Substance Abuse Statistics

    Despite being one of the most iconic and wholesome New England states, residents of Connecticut are not unfamiliar with substance abuse. In fact, some substance abuse statistics regarding Connecticut in particular include:

    • Connecticut residents are more likely to die from a drug overdose than in a motor vehicle accident
    • The majority of drug overdoses in Connecticut as due to opioid use
    • Drug overdoses in Connecticut have continually increased yearly, from 728 in 2015 to 1,259 in 2020
    • The New Haven area experiences more emergency department visits as a result of suspected drug overdose than any other area in the state
    • 25.3% of adults ages 18 to 44 report excessive drinking, which is right on par with excessive drinking rates for this age group nationwide
    • Connecticut’s Hispanic community experiences the highest rates of excessive drinking, with a rate of 20.4%

    Detox in CT at Home

    MD Home Detox services many cities, towns and areas in the Connecticut area. To add, our specialists come to someone’s home and provide the services right where they are. Therefore, this is important to look into, especially if someone is looking for something particular to help with the detox process.

    Does Insurance Cover At-Home Detox in CT?

    In many cases, someone’s insurance plan will at least cover part of the cost of at-detox in Connecticut. Fortunately, with the passage of the Affordable Care Act, marketplace insurers must include behavioral health coverage. This includes substance use treatment as part of their essential benefits for example. Lastly, this applies only to in-network providers.

    At MD Home Detox, we work with many insurance companies to make our services as accessible as possible. Hence, people can use our insurance verification form to see if they are covered for at-home detox in Connecticut as well. Plus, we are happy to answer any questions someone may have about treatment costs for themselves or for a loved one as well as discuss payment plans.

    Begin At-Home Detox in CT Today

    We understand going through withdrawals alone can be dangerous and lead to relapse. Therefore, for this reason, MD Home Detox provides medically assisted at-home detox in Connecticut. Thus, our medical professionals are dedicated to helping clients get through this difficult process as safely and as comfortably as possible.

    With MD Home Detox, people can recover privately and safely in the comfort of their homes. Contact us today to learn more about the services we provide in Connecticut and get started on your recovery journey.

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