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Overcoming Addiction with the Help of a Sober Companion


Overcoming Addiction with the Help of a Sober Companion

What is a sober companion?

Overcoming addiction is difficult. The battle does not stop after you leave drug rehab. That is why many people hire a sober coach (aka sober companion). A sober companion is a professional who will help you stay on track while on the road to addiction recovery.

The main goal of sober coaching is to prevent a relapse. A sober coach can escort you to and from places to ensure that you stay on track during the early stages of recovery. They can also move in your home and supervise you.

How do sober companions help?

Sober coaching is a relatively new concept. However, there have already been studies done to show that it can be effective. There was a study published in the Annals of Clinical Psychiatry that examined the factors that caused people to relapse. The most common cause was impulsive action with an unknown cause.

This means that people were on the path to overcoming an addiction. However, they ended up going back to the drug and did not understand why. Sober coaches can help people identify the factors that may lead to a relapse. They can also teach people how to avoid those triggers.

For example, many people are tempted to drink when they are out with friends. Sober coaches can show people that they can have a good time without drinking or abusing drugs.

Do I need a sober coach?

Only you can decide whether you need a companion. However, your therapist, doctor and other mental health professionals who are helping your recovery efforts may recommend that you get one. If a trusted source recommends that you hire a sober companion, it is worth taking it into consideration. Your companion can make addiction recovery easier.

There are several reasons that a companion may be recommended. For example, sober coaches are often recommended for people who suffer from a mental illness. Fifty percent of people who have a mental illness abuse drugs and alcohol. They are also more likely to relapse.

If someone lives in a home where drugs or alcohol are being abused, then they may be advised to hire a sober companion. It is a lot harder for a person to stay clean when they live in an environment where drugs and alcohol are present.

What to expect from a recovery companion?

Your recovery companion is someone you can call anytime that you need them. They can encourage you to develop healthy habits that will help you stay on the road to recovery. They can also watch over and make sure that you are not developing any bad habits. Additionally, your companion can make sure that drugs and alcohol are kept out of sight.

Family education and support is an important part of addiction recovery. People who have the support of their family members and friends are more likely to recover properly. Your companion can help you bond and reconnect with your family members and friends.

There is a lot more to overcoming addiction than just inpatient treatment. You have to continue to make the right choices. Sober coaching can help you stay on the right track.

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