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Cocaine Addiction

What is cocaine

Cocaine addiction can reach anyone from celebrities, lawyers, fashion models, even wall-street traders, to a homeless man begging for change, it is accepted in situations that other heavy drugs wouldn’t be. Cocaine is said to be among the most expensive drugs, and is commonly referred to as the rich man’s drug. Cocaine is a purified extract from the leaves of the coca bush. This plant typically grows in South America. It can come in one of two forms, powdered cocaine or crack cocaine. Different chemical processes cook up the two types of cocaine. Powdered cocaine or “Blow” dissolves in water and a people who suffer from cocaine addiction can either snort or inject it. Crack cocaine or “rock” is made by a chemical process that leaves it as a “freebase” someone who suffers from cocaine addiction will smoke this. The reality of cocaine hits after the high, it can affect your body negatively. Many cocaine users become victims to addiction. In the streets it has been said that you become addicted after your first hit of crack cocaine, they call it “chasing that first hit,” it is an upper which stimulates the body’s nervous system.

Symptoms of cocaine addiction

Cocaine addiction is the psychological desire to use cocaine. The use of this drug can result is mood swings, paranoia, insomnia, psychosis, panic attacks and changes the personality of the cocaine addict, they may become aggressive, compulsive, criminal and/or erratic. Once addiction hits it is hard to overcome it, a lot of addicts excuse to keep using is that they do not want to experience Cocaine Withdrawal Symptoms.

What makes cocaine so powerful

Even knowing how harmful cocaine is to your body what makes cocaine addiction so powerful? What is so great about being high on coke? Cocaine users often describe the euphoric feeling as an extreme sense of energy and alertness, an increasingly elevated mood, a feeling of supremacy, and feeling of being highly attentive and concentrated. Cocaine produces its powerful high by acting on the brain, in order to reach the brain it has to be induced through the blood which affects the whole body. Cocaine harms the brain, blood vessels, lungs, and heart and can even cause sudden death. This powerful drug is responsible for more U.S. emergency room visits than any other illegal drug.