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Heroin Addiction

What is heroin

Heroin is an illegal substance which derives from a poppy plant. Heroin Addiction is a state of being mentally or physically addicted to the substance. Heroin Addiction can lead to neurological changes, personality changes, health problems, and much more. People who inject heroin are more susceptible to collapsed veins, abscesses, infections of the heart or lungs, blood-borne infections such as AIDS or hepatitis B and C. With heroin being illegal, the drug production is not controlled nor overlooked by a professional. There is no telling what may be in the heroin, which can cause fatal consequences.There is no potency consistency in heroin. For addicts who inject, this can be fatal. Attempting to inject the same dose of a stronger consistency heroin, can lead to overdose.

Symptoms of heroin overdose

An overdose is a term used for taking more than the recommended dose of a substance, in a quantity that could be fatal. Many times when one consumes too much of a substance, medical attention is required. Symptoms of heroin overdose includes, but is not limited to slow breathing, heart rate and pulse, pinpoint of the pupils, blue lips and nails due to low levels of oxygen in the blood, muscle spasms, seizures and decreased consciousness.

Effects of long term use of heroin

Long-term use of heroin can cause a dependency on the drug. The human body becomes accustomed to the presence of the drug, and starts to depend on the substance. When there is a long-term use of the substance and even a short absence, the body goes into protracted withdrawal. Check out this article on Heroin Withdrawal Effects.

Get help for heroin addiction

Heroin addiction is serious, but is not incurable. There is help for a heroin addict. Many addicts will attend meetings, rehabilitation centers, therapy, or even a family intervention. Coming off the drug after long-term use has side-effects. It is recommended to seek professional help due to the withdrawal symptoms. Many Treatment centers offer detox programs, which are not long-term and are intended to wean an addict off of the substance. There are methods to take away the physical withdrawal symptoms of heroin, such as taking methadone. This substance is not accessible to the public and is only dispensed by a profession pharmacist. For more information see Heroin Addiction Treatment.