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Marijuana Addiction Treatment

Marijuana dependence

Marijuana dependence is starting to show a lot more similarities to other drug dependences. Long term clinical out-comes show to be less severe, on average adults seeking treatment for marijuana have been chronic users for up to ten years and have tried to quit more than a handful of times. The success rates of treatment are rather modest. Only about 50% of adults who get treatment for marijuana addiction successfully remain abstinent. There are no medications available for marijuana abuse, but research is active. Recent discoveries raise the possibilities of a medication able to block THC’s effects on the human body. Marijuana addiction treatment programs focus on counseling and group support. A addiction treatment group is an abstinence based group of people trying to end their dependence for marijuana.

Marijuana Addiction treatment programs

Further progress in addiction treatment to help marijuana users includes a number of programs set up to treat adolescents in particular. Some of these programs tend strictly to the addiction on marijuana. According to a study, in the United States the number of adolescents younger than 18 receiving substance abuse treatments doubled between 1991 to 1996, from 44,000 to 77,000. Marijuana is real and can cause a number of physical and mental health consequences. If you feel like you may have an addiction to marijuana and are unable to stop using on your own, seek professional help. Your family physician is another good source for information in dealing with adolescent’s marijuana problems.