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San Francisco Home Detox Program


San Francisco Home Detox Program

San Francisco home detox program

The addiction problem with alcohol and drugs in the United States continues to be an increasing problem with no end in sight. Government statistics show that over 23.5 million Americans are addicted to either alcohol, drugs of both. In a new survey, it’s estimated that approximately 9 percent of the population will misuse opiates sometime in their life.

These statistics are alarming to be sure. But to the individual who fears they are in the process of becoming addicted to one or more of these substances, the only number that counts is the one that involves them.

Of all the addiction statistics, what is most disheartening is that only 11 percent of addicts ever seek professional detox help. There are several reasons for this:

1. Enrolling in a program at a detox facility is expensive. Depending on the part of the country where you live, a 30-day stay can run into many thousands of dollars.

2. Many people who are on the verge of addiction have jobs that they can’t afford to be away from for any length of time. In addition, many fear that asking for time off from their employer to check into a detox facility might jeopardize their job.

3. Young people in college don’t want to interrupt their education in order to seek treatment in a detox facility.

4. Many addicts don’t want anyone to know the problem they face. They feel shamed and embarrassed if the admit they have an addiction and enter an in-patient detox facility.

Face up to you addiction and deal with it.

If you recognize you’re becoming dependent on pain-killers or alcohol or drugs in order to get through the day, you need to act. Don’t wait until it’s too late and you truly are addicted.

For people in the San Francisco area who are in that danger zone of pre-addiction, there is help for you. And the good news is, the help can be administered in the comfort of your home without having to enter an in-patient detox facility.

Our company, MD Home Detox, is now able to provide San Francisco area residents with an in-home detoxification program designed to help you or a loved one safely withdraw from drugs or alcohol.

The MD Home Detox clinical team comes to the privacy of your home, assesses your needs, and works with you and your family members to devise a safe and comfortable detoxification plan for you to follow.

Stability of a home environment

Receiving detox treatment in the home provides a sense of comfort to the addicted patient that you won’t find in an inpatient facility. It also helps the party undergoing the detox treatment to have family and friends close at hand offering encouragement. With proper instructions from our detox professionals, these people can assist and help the patient through the detox process.

Who can Benefit From a Home-based Detox Program?

The MD Home Detox program is designed to help those in the beginning or early stages of addiction or for those or people who need support after undergoing an inpatient rehab program.

If you recognize that you are exhibiting early signs of drug or alcohol addiction, and you have a true desire to end and correct it, then you are a perfect candidate of a home-based detox program.

How does the MD Home Detox program work?

1. The first step is to simply pick up a phone and call us. One of our professional counselors will discuss our program and screen you for eligibility for our in-home detox program.

2. At that point, we will schedule a medical team to visit you at your home to ascertain your addiction level.

3. Once that level is determined, they will work out a plan of action with you and your family. The goal is to rid yourself of your dependency on drugs or alcohol.

4. Our private nurses, all of whom have experience working in hospitals and treatment facilities, will visit your home on a regular basis to check on your detox progress. They will also measure your adherence to the prescribed program and report back to the supervising doctor.

5. Upon your successful completion of our detox program, we will provide you with a full discharge plan that will assist and guide to in staying drug free to avoid any relapse.

Pick up the phone and call TODAY!

If you feel you meet the addiction criteria that we service, and you want to learn about our San Francisco Home Detox Program, call us. Don’t wait another day In seeking help.

Please call the MD Home Detox phone number 888.592.8541 day or night, seven days a week, and let a professional counselor explain our program in full

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