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Santa Monica Home Detox

According to statistics published by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, over 23 million Americans are addicted to alcohol or drugs.

That number equates to 10 percent of all Americans over the age of 12. Unfortunately, only 11 percent of those with alcohol or drug addiction ever seek receive professional detox treatment.

There are basically two types of detox treatments: inpatient centers and in-home detoxification treatments.

There is a growing interest in home detox treatments where the care and professional help comes to you in the comfort of your own home.

The benefits of home detox rehab

Home detox programs are designed to treat people who do not suffer from severe addiction problems. Rather, the home detox program is designed to help those in the beginning stages of addiction and those or people who need support after undergoing inpatient rehab.

The beginnings of addiction are often subtle and not easy to recognize. If you are lucky enough to recognize the early signs of addiction, outpatient detox is an effective option. Usually those who do well in outpatient drug rehab program are aware they have a drug problem and are willing to learn how to correct it.

Some of the benefits of the home detox program are:

1. Stability of a Home Environment

Receiving detox treatment in the home gives the patient a sense of security and comfort because family and friends remain part of their daily life. With proper instructions form detox professionals, people close to the patient can be beneficial in helping the patient through the detox process

2. Lower Cost

Inpatient detox treatment is more expensive than the outpatient because they have to pay the high costs of maintaining expensive facilities all of the costs needed to run them.

Since you home is the treatment facility in home detox program, those costs are zero.

3. Personal Life is not Interrupted

Many addiction patients are full time students or hold down full time jobs. Receiving treatment in your home allows you to continue your daily routine without having to take time off to live in a treatment center 24-hours a day 7-days a week.

MD Home Detox

MD Home Detox provides an individualized detox recovery program for the home environment.

We provide an in-home detox program designed to help you or a loved one safely withdraw from drugs or alcohol in the comfort of your own home. The MD Home Detox behavioral consulting team works with the patient and their family members to lay out a plan on how to proceed through the phases of recovery.

All of the MD Home Detox nurses have hospital and detox treatment facility experience. These nurses are trained to work closely with the MD Home Detox supervising doctor and clinical team.

The MD Home Detox individualized concierge services brings a fully integrated and expertly trained clinical treatment team right to your home. They take care of everything.

Don’t wait. Contact MD Home Detox in Santa Monica, CA today and learn all about about program from a professional detox consultant at 888.592.8541

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