On-going Addiction Case Management

Addiction Case Management

The Case Manager works closely with the doctor and therapist and meets weekly with the client. This person also conducts drug testing, monitors progress toward short- and long-term treatment plan goals, assists with navigating the legal system, and adjusts the treatment plan as needed.

Related Q&A:

Yes, you and your treatment team can work together on an ongoing basis to change and modify your plans as needed. For example, some of our clients find that 12-step recovery is not for them. The MD Home Detox team uses a holistic approach, to help these clients find other supports for their long and short term goals.

Detoxification can be an uncomfortable process, and sometimes clients change their minds under the stress of withdrawal. While you are detoxing, your team will be by your side, coaching and using care, compassion and motivational interviewing strategies to support you toward your goal to detox.

Detoxification is an important first step toward attaining physical health after long term substance use. Some of our clients choose to use MD Home Detox solely for the purpose of detoxification. We recommend a supportive longer-term treatment plan that includes different types of services to address the underlying reasons for substance use and to support lasting change. Once our clients have stabilized after detoxification, they sometimes use our consultation services to transition to other long-term facilities, or outpatient programs. Some of our clients choose to continue to work with our treatment team of medical professionals, case managers, therapists and alcohol and drug abuse counselors. All of our treatment team professionals have been trained in the practice of treating co-occurring disorders, and are sometimes involved in cases for up to one year, when necessary.

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