What Next?

Long Term Recovery Goals and Plans

Now that you or your loved one has agreed to attend treatment, you will begin to work with your MD Home Detox team to make a plan to best support your short- and long-term goals. There are many different options that your team will present to you that will meet a variety of treatment, family and financial needs. Your plans will be tailored to your needs and goals and every client’s plan is different, because every client is different. Here are some of the options that many of our clients and their family members choose to engage in once they have completed the detoxification process. Long-term support greatly increases the chances of success.

Intensive Outpatient, sometimes referred to as “IOP”

Some of our clients who successfully complete the detoxification process opt to engage in an Intensive Outpatient treatment option for support. Intensive Outpatient allows the client to live at home and attend to other daily responsibilities while continuing the recovery process. Intensive Outpatient typically involves 10-15 hours of clinical support per week, which usually includes individual therapy and specialized groups and classes. IOPs often encourage participation in 12-Step groups outside of the facility.

Sober Living

Sober Living environments provide a safe place to live while maintaining a 12-step-oriented lifestyle. These homes generally have requirements such as curfew, chores and mandatory sobriety. Sober Living facilities are often staffed with psychiatric nurses and social workers who offer clients support while in the first stages of their recovery.

12-Step Recovery Groups

12-step recovery groups began with Alcoholics Anonymous in the 1930s. The groups were so successful in helping people find and maintain sobriety that many other groups were formed that follow the same 12-step principles. Other groups include Narcotics Anonymous, Marijuana Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, Gamblers Anonymous, and many others. There is also a large network of groups called Al-Anon, which is a 12-step group for families and friends of people affected by a loved one’s drinking or drug use. All addiction 12-step groups provide peer support for people who are in need of a community of others who are not drinking or using drugs. Many people in 12-step groups also work through the 12 steps, though they are not mandatory for participation in the groups. You do not need to attend a program or participate in detoxification to attend a 12-step meeting. Many of our clients choose to participate in AA meetings in addition to any therapy or outpatient services they might have.

Therapy and Case Management

Some of our clients and their families find that, following the detoxification process, they would like to continue to use the therapists and case managers. Some therapists come to the home for individual or family sessions, while others may have office hours. Therapy and case management can vary in cost and is often covered by insurance. For younger clients, there are home-based services that provide in-home and in-community mentorship and activities that help to engage and prepare the client for a successful future. A case manager can help you decide which is the best fit for you and your family.

Concierge Services

Our Case Managers can help arrange for transportation to appointments related to your health and wellness. Some of our clients use this service to support them in attending appointments with their therapists, nutritional counselors, personal trainers or physicians.

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Our Medical Doctors will work closely with any psychiatrist you currently see to ensure continuity of medication treatment while you detox. However, we believe that once your body has been stabilized, you may need a reevaluation of all your medications and a psychiatrist will be an integral part of planning to achieve your short and long term goals.

MD Home Detox has Marriage and Family Therapists available if this is appropriate for your treatment plan. Our treatment team always recommends having a safe and successful detox before engaging in any kind of therapy.

Once you have stabilized, you can exercise. Our concierge services can help in connecting you with personal trainers and provide transportation to and from appointments and work-out facilities if necessary.

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