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Sober Life After Detox


Sober Life After Detox

After completing a drug and alcohol rehab program, your recovery journey is far from over. In fact, you’ve just begun! Although some individuals choose not to move forward with any formal treatment options after drug rehab, you are much more likely to achieve lifelong success in your sobriety if you continue with a long-term treatment plan.

Aftercare programs

After patients have completed their rehabilitation program, the recovery process is far from over. For many individuals, recovery is a process that lasts a lifetime. Drug rehab programs sometimes work on a step-by-step basis, where the care provided becomes more independent as time passes. The participants eventually have to maintain their sobriety on their own. Often, this means that people might have specific aftercare programs and appointments to attend, even though the initial detox process has been completed.

Therapy beyond rehab can help people to deal with transitions, set boundaries, strengthen coping skills, and bolster willpower. Life can get hectic, and you may not have enough time for everything. However, missing any aftercare appointments or programs wouldn’t be in your best interest. The work of recovery should always be to continue and progress. Each appointment should be considered vital to long-term success in sobriety

In addition to attending your regular aftercare sessions, your counselor may recommend that you also attend NA or AA group meetings to expand your support system, and may even recommend enlisting the support of a sober companion. These support group meetings will provide encouragement, accountability, and over time, bolster your confidence in your ability to maintain sobriety.

Seek support groups

Attending support groups can have benefits that often friends and family members don’t have. In a support group, recovering addicts continuously learn further information about addiction and what life could be like without its presence by listening to others further along in the process. They enter into the global structure of people who are pushing their way through similar problems, where everyone has personal goals to work toward and something to strive for. In addition to being informational and supportive, these gatherings of the recovery community provide addicts a training ground, and the opportunity to say things that might be uncomfortable or stressful to share with friends or family members.

Watch out for triggers and signs of relapse

Triggers are social, environmental or emotional circumstances that remind people in recovery of their past drug or alcohol use. These memories bring about urges that more than likely can lead to a relapse. Even though triggers themselves can never force anyone to use drugs, they increase the likelihood of a potential relapse.

When rehab is over, individuals might have to return home to a place that is filled with triggers and old memories of drug use, that may tempt them to use again. In those environments, there’s a higher chance of relapsing. Relocating to a whole new area may push the reset button on cravings. New surroundings and opportunities could give you the feeling of an actual fresh start to a sober life. While the new neighborhood may not have fewer available drugs (it would be a fallacy or trap to believe that it does), but it might just be different enough to push the old memories away.

Living life with a new identity ‘in recovery’ after rehab can be challenging for anyone pursuing a life of sobriety. If you believe your home environment would be an obstacle for your continued recovery, you are not alone. Many recovering addicts find that they need to live in a more stable environment after rehab to maintain their sobriety.

Getting through detox may be one of the hardest challenges ever confronted. But more importantly, life after detox can be one of the most exciting times of your life. Many recovering addicts say that they feel a great new sense of hope in their capabilities after they make it through detoxification and say it leads to an ever greater sober life!

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