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Woodland Hills Home Detox Program


Woodland Hills Home Detox Program

There are an estimated 23.5 addicts in the United States who are hooked on alcohol or drugs according to U.S. Government statistics. Of this startling high number, roughly only 11 percent, or about 2.5 million addicts, ever seek help by enrolling in a professional in-patient detox program. However, what about Woodland Hills? MD Home Detox offers Woodland Hills detox programs for those suffering.

Two factors contribute to this low number: the high expense of inpatient care and the problem of being unable to take time away from a job or schooling in order to complete a 30-day or longer program at an inpatient facility.

But in the Woodland Hills area of Southern California, there is good news for those who are caught in this trap. MD Home Detox now provides out-patient detoxification care that allows you go through the recovery process in the comfort of your own home.

Take advantage of a home environment

Receiving detox treatment in the home gives the patient a sense of security and comfort because family and friends remain part of their daily life. It also allows the patient to continue without interruption their normal work or school schedule.

Is everyone eligible for home-based detox program?

The short answer is no. The MD Home Detox program is designed to help only those persons who are in the early stages of addiction and need help before their problem gets worse or have been through one detox facility and need more help.

Here’s how the Woodland Hills Detox Home Detox program works.

1. The first step is to call MD Home Detox 888.592.8541 and talk to an admissions counselor.

2. A team of medical professionals will visit you in your home to ascertain your level of addiction. Using that information, the team will devise a plan of action to rid yourself of your dependency on drugs or alcohol.

3. Experienced private nurses will visit you at your home regularly to check on your detox progress and to make sure you are following the treatment program. These nurse work closely with the supervising doctor and keep the clinical team informed on your progress.

4. When you have successfully completed your MD Home Detox program, you will receive discharge plan of action on how to maintain your new drug or alcohol-free life.

Take control of your life again…call us TODAY!

Woodland Hills Detox Programs

If you feel you have an addiction problem that fits our program criteria, call MD Home Detox TODAY at 888.592.8541. That’s your first step in making today the first day of the rest of your life

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