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Why Does The Nose Turn Red From Alcohol Abuse?

alcohol red nose

One of the telltale signs of alcohol misuse is alcohol red nose. This condition is quite common in people who have misused alcohol for a long period. This is because their body has undergone physical changes from the alcohol, and a red nose is just one such change. 

Why Does Alcohol Turn the Nose Red?

Alcohol turns the nose red because it can trigger alcohol-related allergic and dermatological conditions. Some people will experience a red nose if they are sensitive to large amounts of alcohol. For example, when someone has a minor food allergy, they may notice after eating certain foods, their nose turns red. The same is true in people who may have an allergy to alcohol. 

Excess blood under the skin in the nose area can also cause the nose to turn red. Another cause of alcohol red nose is a dermatological disorder called rhinophyma, a rosacea skin condition. As a result, the nose turns red and can be accompanied by other symptoms, including:

  • Inflammation
  • Itchiness
  • Increased nose size
  • Puss-filled “pimple-like” bumps
  • Purple discolorations to the skin
  • Swollen nose
  • Soreness on and around the nose

Additional Alcoholic Face Changes

Long-term alcohol use disorders cause changes in the circulatory system, namely to the blood vessels and how they function. Alcohol typically will cause an expansion in the blood vessels to allow more blood into areas with thinner layers of skin, such as the face and nose. 

As a result, you may notice your face appears puffier and fuller. Alcohol is also responsible for increased swelling of certain tissues, especially in the dermis layers of the face. As the natural swelling and added swelling from the excess blood continue to fill in the area under the facial skin, it will cause red blotches and streaks on the face. 

With long-term alcohol misuse, these blotches can start to turn purple since the blood vessels eventually start to break. As they do, it creates a “bruising” effect on the face. 

Another noticeable change besides alcohol red nose is how the skin feels and its texture. You may notice your skin is always flushed and warm to the touch. The texture can feel bumpy because the pores can become enlarged. 

If you suffered from acne as a teenager, any pitting or scarring could become more noticeable from the alcohol facial swelling. In addition, you may even notice your nose is getting bigger from bumps on the nose merging and the skin becoming thicker. 

How to Get Rid of Alcohol Red Nose

Sometimes alcohol red nose will go away on its own after the alcohol has been removed from the body. For example, when you first started drinking, did you notice how your cheeks and nose became flushed and red? 

Yet, when you woke up the next morning with a hangover, the redness disappeared? This occurred because the body was able to remove the excess blood from under the skin. So, a flushed face and red nose may not seem like a big deal since it cleared up. 

Unfortunately, the longer you misuse alcohol, the harder it can be to get rid of alcohol red nose because alcohol can cause face and nose changes that can become permanent from the damage caused by long-term drinking. Furthermore, the damage can be even harder to get rid of if you have developed rhinophyma. 

Keeping that in mind, different treatments could help as follows:

  • Alcohol Detox – Alcohol detox can help get rid of alcohol red nose once the alcohol is fully purged from the body. Although, it can take many months for the face to return to a more normal-looking appearance as the body heals the damage caused by the alcohol misuse
  • Medication – You could benefit from medications that can be used to treat rhinophyma, such as skin creams and antibiotics. However, their effects will not be very noticeable if you continue to drink. 
  • Surgical Procedures – Various cosmetic procedures can help offset changes to the face from rhinophyma. Again, you should discontinue drinking if you want the best outcome. 
  • MAT (Medication-Assisted Treatment) – MAT can be beneficial when prescribed as part of a supervised alcohol detox program. MAT drugs can further help prevent you from lapsing and relapsing. 
  • Lifestyle Changes – Besides undergoing alcohol detox, you will want to make other lifestyle changes that promote healing. For example, you will want to eat a well-balanced diet and get plenty of exercise. 
  • Alcohol Rehab Treatment – After completing alcohol detox, continuing your sobriety through individual counseling, group therapy, holistic healing, and rehab treatment programs is beneficial for treating alcohol red nose. 

Safe and Private Alcohol Detox At Home in Beverly Hills, CA

Suppose you are concerned about alcohol-related face changes and alcohol red nose conditions. Then, the best place to start healing is with safe and private alcohol detox from the comfort of your Beverly Hills or Los Angeles area home provided by MD Home Detox.

We provide access to concierge-level alcohol detox programs you can tailor to fit your specific needs. Furthermore, thanks to our extensive network of referred professionals, we can continue to provide you with options for rehab, as well as rhinophyma and alcohol red nose when it does not clean up on its own. 

To learn more about at-home detox or to start your detox, please feel free to contact us today!


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