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Home Detox
in Santa Monica, CA

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, over 23 million Americans struggle with drug or alcohol addiction. This number equates to 10% of all Americans over 12. Sadly, however, only 11% of those with alcohol or drug addiction receive professional detox treatment.

Because of these upsetting statistics, MD Home Detox is on a mission to make proper detox treatment accessible. Hence, we offer at-home detox in Santa Monica, California that provides our clients with both convenience and high-quality care. 

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    What is Home Detox?

    Detoxification or detox is typically the first step in addiction recovery. Moreover, detox refers to ridding your body of harmful toxins. Furthermore, it allows you to enter treatment free of all mind-altering substances.

    When a person stops using drugs, for instance, they are subject to unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Unfortunately, however, these can be dangerous if left unattended. Because of this, individuals in a medically-supervised detox are monitored to ensure stability and comfort. In sum, they receive medications to aid in reducing cravings and withdrawal symptoms. 

    In an at-home detox, a care team comes to you. The team helps you through detox rather than you going to a facility. This type of program allows you to remain in your home environment during detox. As a result, you don’t have to sacrifice your safety or the quality of your care.

    Benefits of Home Detox in Santa Monica, CA

    Ultimately, detox sets the stage for a long-lasting recovery. In fact, it is important to note there are additional benefits to selecting an at-home detox program. These include the following:

    • Stability. Detox treatment in the home gives you a sense of security and comfort. Plus, family and friends will remain a part of your daily life. 

    • Lower Cost. Your home doubles as a treatment facility. As a result, this makes detox programs much more affordable.

    • Personal Life. At-home treatment allows you to continue your responsibilities without taking time off to live in a treatment center.

    • Privacy. Individuals beginning addiction treatment often feel vulnerable. Nevertheless, at-home detox allows you to maintain a sense of privacy.

    • Medication. Similar to an inpatient facility, we supply our at-home detox clients with the proper medications. As a result, these reduce cravings and relieve painful withdrawal symptoms. 

    Benefits of Our Home Detox in Santa Monica, CA

    MD Home Detox designs our programs to help you or a loved one safely withdraw from drugs or alcohol at home. In fact, we individualize our care plans to meet your exact needs. Thus, our behavioral consulting team also works with you and your family members to lay out a continued care plan following detox, for example. 

    Another benefit of MD Home Detox is that our individualized concierge services bring an expertly trained clinical team right to your home. All of our nurses have hospital and detox treatment facility experience and train closely with the MD Home Detox supervising doctor and clinical team.

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    Who Qualifies for a Home Detox in Santa Monica, CA?

    If you are struggling to achieve and maintain sobriety, MD Home Detox can help. To support this, we design our at-home detox in Santa Monica for motivated individuals ready to get clean and begin recovery. Therefore, ideal candidates for our program meet the following criteria:

    • You do not need to live in an inpatient facility that provides 24/7 structure.

    • Your home environment is safe.

    • The roommates or family members who live in your household do not use drugs.

    • You have a high-quality support system.

    What Happens During an At-Home Detox?

    MD Home Detox follows steps to ensure we execute our Santa Monica detox services smoothly and effectively. With this intention, our at-home detox protocol generally follows the below structure. 

    • Evaluation.  First, our admissions staff addresses your concerns and answers any questions. Additionally, we also ask about your addiction, mental health, medical history, and general lifestyle. Thus, this evaluation allows us to make sure you are a good candidate for our detox in Santa Monica.  

    • Approval. Following your initial evaluation, we will further discuss insurance and payment options. Our medical team will then come to your home to gather further information, so we can create the best treatment plan for you. 

    • Treatment. Our care team will begin your detox treatment. During this time, we will do everything in our power to keep your cravings and withdrawal symptoms at a tolerable level. 

    • Aftercare. Following the successful completion of detox, we provide you with an official discharge plan. Because detox is only the first step in recovery, further addiction treatment is, therefore, necessary to stay sober. 

    Withdrawal Symptoms During an At-Home Detox

    Withdrawal symptoms and their intensity depend on different factors. For example, these factors can include the type of substance, how heavily a person uses it, and when they last used it. In addition, side effects also depend on the person’s health and the severity of their addiction. Typically, symptoms that commonly surface during detox include the following:

    • Vomiting

    • Diarrhea

    • Shakiness

    • Anxiety

    • Insomnia 

    • Sweating

    • Nausea

    • Depression

    • Fever

    • Fatigue

    Because there is the potential for more dangerous withdrawal symptoms to develop, it is important to detox under proper supervision. Consequently, dangerous withdrawal symptoms include labored breathing, elevated blood pressure, irregular heart rate, delusions, hallucinations, and seizures.

    Services Provided by MD Home Detox

    In addition to our top-notch home detox programs, MD Home Detox offers a wide range of services. These include: 

    • Intervention Services

    • Home IV Therapy

    • Family Counseling

    • Rapid Detox

    • Sober Companions

    • Family Education

    • Medication-Assisted Treatment

    • Mental Stabilization

    • Aftercare

    Home Detox in Santa Monica, CA

    Our at-home services reduce the complexity of recovery as treatment comes directly to you. Last but not least, we at MD Home Detox dedicate ourselves to getting you on the right track, so you can achieve long-term success. Stop waiting and start living. Contact MD Home Detox in Santa Monica, California to speak with one of our professional detox consultants today. 

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