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Sober Companions

Sober companions offer services to someone in recovery from addiction to drugs or alcohol that they may not know about. Sober companions may be the best-kept secret in the recovery community, which is why we’re giving you a detailed explanation of what they do and why you may want one. If you are looking to arm yourself with the best ways to keep yourself strong in your new sobriety, a sober companion may be just the thing you need.

What is a Sober Companion?

Sober companions begin their partnership with you early in the recovery process, often while you are completing detox at home or in a rehab facility.  They work with you to build trust so that you can rely on them during the early stages of recovery and beyond. Your sober companion can help you transition to life outside of treatment and keep you on track. They become like a personal assistant to you, providing practical help in several areas.  They also offer emotional support and a safe person to go to when you’re feeling shaky in your recovery.

Sober Companions - MD Home
Sober Companions - MD Home

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Benefits of a Sober Companion

Sober companions offer a host of ways to make your life easier to manage and your recovery easier to accomplish. These include:

Communications Liaison

Sober companions communicate with members of your treatment team in order to formulate and understand the treatment plan designed for your individual needs. They keep track of any changes in your treatment plan and communicate back and forth so that everyone remains on the same page.

Personal Assistance

A person new to recovery has a lot of things to get done. A sober companion can help you set and keep track of appointments and even provide transportation to them. They can help you create a recovery schedule and serve as a reminder for each day’s tasks. When someone else makes sure you meet your obligations, you can relax more and focus on other aspects of recovery.

Sober Companions - MD Home
Sober Companions - MD Home
Sober Companions - MD Home
Sober Companions - MD Home


Everyone in recovery from addiction can use a mentor to help provide guidance and advice. Sober companions often have already overcome their own addictions and can truly understand the challenges you face. They can give you guidance and answer questions you have. They will know when you may be struggling or just need to talk, which allows you the opportunity to unburden yourself immediately.


A person lost in their addiction loses touch with the ability to be accountable for their actions. Sober companions will hold you accountable for things like setting goals, attending support groups, and going to medical and therapeutic appointments. If you are working on a 12-step program, they can help ensure you fully achieve each step before moving on to the next one.


While the familiarity of loved ones can provide needed support, the objectivity of a sober companion gives you something family and friends cannot provide. Loved ones have seen you at your worst and may be nursing grudges or have difficulty offering objective advice or support for every occasion. A sober companion remains objective because they do not take your past conduct or current behaviors personally. They are meeting the person that you are today, which can make any suggestions or advice they have feel less personalized. 

Help Avoiding Temptation

One of the biggest risks of relapse is the difficulty in avoiding the temptation to start drinking or using drugs again. Sober companions will take stock of those in your circle of family and friends and help you determine which ones may be toxic to your recovery. They can ensure people still engaging in substance abuse don’t come around, which eliminates a lot of tempting situations. A sober companion can perform regular sweeps of your home to make sure you don’t have a hidden stash of drugs or alcohol. 

A sober companion can get you to a meeting when urges hit you and make sure you return home out of harm’s way. They can be your point of contact anytime the temptation to use again hits you. Sometimes that one phone call, text, or meeting is what keeps you on a sober path.

Knowing You’re Not Alone


Being in recovery from a substance use disorder, particularly in the early days, can feel lonely. If you don’t have family members or friends close by who can check in with you and offer consistent support, it can bring your mood down. Sober companions become a person you can always turn to for either practical assistance or to help you when you experience moments of feeling lost or alone. Having a companion who understands the journey you are on and is available any time can make the difference between white-knuckling your way through your early recovery and thriving in it.

Sober Companions in Beverly Hills

Successfully entering recovery from addiction to drugs and alcohol and staying there requires employing all the help you can find. Sober companions offer a multitude of ways to help keep you focused on your sobriety and out of harm’s way. If you would like to find out about our sober companion program or discuss our home detox program, contact MD Home Detox in Beverly Hills today.