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Sober companions meet with the treatment team and help to implement the daily goals of the treatment plan with the client.

What is a Sober Companion?

Sober Companions often provide transportation, assist with creating a recovery meeting schedule, help with relapse prevention planning and aid in scheduling appointments. They also act as a real-time mentor and coach. But, sober companions are so much more than that. They often begin their partnership with you while you are still in rehab so that you can get to know one another prior to returning home. They work with you to build trust so that you can rely on them during the beginning part of your recovery outside of treatment. Your sober companion can help you transition to life outside of treatment and keep you on track. They are hugely beneficial for those in recovery who are returning home to a loved one who is still using or who simply just needs additional support during this time. The beginning stages of recovery are often difficult for anyone, and sober companions can make the transition much easier.

Benefits of a Sober Companion

You and your treatment team can work together on an ongoing basis to change and modify your plans as needed. For example, some of our clients find that 12-step recovery is not for them. The MD Home Detox team uses a holistic approach, to help these clients find other supports for their long and short term goals.

I still want to drink after I detox. Is that ok?

Every client has different needs. Some clients are able to drink responsibly once they have completed detoxification and some are not. You and your treatment team can discuss what will help you meet your short and long term goals.

What happens if I relapse after my detox?

MD Home Detox helps clients determine the best ways to address relapse before relapse occurs. These options might include re-engaging with a sober companion or beginning treatment with an Intensive Outpatient or Inpatient facility. Our treatment team will work with you to assess the reasons for relapse, and will support you in implementing plans to get you back on track.

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