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Home Detox
In Hollywood

Some people do not enter treatment because they are afraid to leave their homes and their loved ones during this process. For this reason, MD Home Detox offers at-home detox in Hollywood, California.

According to the California Health Care Foundation in 2018, “About 8% of Californians met criteria for substance use disorder, but only 10% of people with a substance use disorder received any type of treatment.” Thus, the first step of treatment, called detox, occurs after a person stops using drugs or alcohol.

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    What is Home Drug Detox?

    Home drug detox involves at-home care services as a person goes through withdrawal from drugs or alcohol. In other words, clients do not need to go to an inpatient facility. In addition, they can detox from the comfort of their own homes. Fortunately, medical professionals and other support staff will help a person throughout detox to ensure their safety and wellness.

    Throughout detox, many people will consequently have withdrawal symptoms that can be uncomfortable and painful. For some, these symptoms can be life-threatening. In fact, this is especially true if they lead to a relapse. However, during home detox, clients get professionals who monitor their symptoms. As a result, they can hold them accountable for their treatment goals as well.

    In addition, the at-home detox team will check on a person’s vital signs, sleep patterns, nutrition, and mental health throughout detox. Thus they can also offer medication-assisted treatment (MAT) to ease symptoms, reduce cravings, and prevent relapse.

    Withdrawal Symptoms During At Home Detox

    Each person will have some type of withdrawal symptoms during at-home detox. Furthermore, since withdrawal symptoms can range from mild to life-threatening, an evaluation is critical to ensure each client’s safety. In addition, if withdrawal symptoms unexpectedly become life-threatening, the client may in fact need more intensive services.

    Typically, most clients in at-home detox will have mild to moderate symptoms, such as:

    • Mood swings

    • Sleeping issues

    • Appetite changes

    • Muscle and stomach pains

    • Nausea and vomiting

    • Profuse sweating

    • Fever and chills

    • Anxiety and depression

    • Shakes and tremors

    • Increased blood pressure

    Moreover, severe withdrawal symptoms include the following:

    • Hallucinations

    • Mental confusion

    • Seizures

    Most withdrawal symptoms will peak within a few days of detox and lessen in intensity for about a week. However, some symptoms can linger, especially mental health symptoms. Thus, continuing treatment with aftercare programs is vital to success in long-term recovery.

    Benefits of Our Home Drug Detox in Hollywood 

    Home drug detox in Hollywood, CA offers many benefits to those in the early stages of recovery. First and foremost, many people enjoy the chance to detox from the comfort of their own homes with support from family members.

    In addition, home detox has the following benefits:

    • Lower cost: Clients do not need to pay for 24/7 staffing or a room during at-home detox. Without these expenses, at-home detox is usually less expensive than inpatient detox.

    • Minimal disruptions to everyday life: By detoxing from home, a person can still fulfill many of their normal duties and responsibilities. Clients should still consider focusing most of their time on recovery. Fortunately, they won’t need to leave home to do so.

    • One-on-one attention: Clients will be the sole focus of their treatment team during at-home visits. 

    • Professional detox staff: At-home detox staff are highly skilled professionals, including nurses and doctors. Additionally, these professionals specialize in treating addictions.

    • Increased comfort: Each person in detox doesn’t need to adjust to new surroundings. Instead, they have complete control over their treatment environment at home.

    • Medication-assisted treatment (MAT): MAT uses FDA-approved medications to treat opioid and alcohol use disorders during detox. As such, clients can also continue MAT as part of their aftercare programming.

    Overall, these benefits help people throughout home detox in Hollywood. Still, it is important to know how at-home detox works and what happens during this process.

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    What Happens During an At Home Detox? 

    Home detox works by following these steps:

      1. First, call us for an initial screening. If accepted, we will dispatch a clinical team to the home to rid clients of their dependency on drugs or alcohol.
      2. After, the team members will determine each person’s addiction level and create a plan of action for the client and their family.
      3. Next, our private nurses all have experience working in hospitals and treatment facilities. They will visit clients regularly to check on their progress and make regular reports to the supervising physician.
      4. Last but not least, each person will be provided with a full discharge plan to help avoid relapse after completing their detox program.

    Who Qualifies for a Home Detox in Hollywood?

    Home drug detox is best for those with mild or moderate addictions. Additionally, it helps those who can resist relapse triggers without the restraint of an inpatient facility. Therefore, clients must consider their natural support system and the stability of their home environment.

    For instance, a person in an unstable housing situation or living with others who abuse substances might not be suited for home detox. Hence, if a person is at low risk of having medical issues and has supportive people in their lives, they should qualify for a home detox in Hollywood.

    Addictions We Treat

    Not all addictions are the same. In fact, some addictions lead to more intense withdrawal symptoms than others. Still, all addictions need the care of a professional detox team for the best outcomes in treatment.

    Our home detox in Hollywood can treat the following addictions:

    • Alcohol

    • Heroin

    • Methamphetamine

    • Cocaine

    • Xanax

    • Opioids

    • Methadone

    • Suboxone

    • Oxycodone

    • Fentanyl

    At MD Home Detox, we can help those struggling with nearly every type of drug or alcohol addiction. In addition, we offer help for dual diagnosis of co-occurring substance use and mental health disorders. As a result, we provide comprehensive services for all those in need of recovery.

    Other Services Provided at MD Home Detox

    Detox is only the first step in recovery. Aftercare programs can help clients stay accountable for their sobriety and continue their treatment. Also, some clients might benefit from other types of detox services. Thus, we provide many different types of services to accommodate the needs of each person.

    MD Home Detox provides the following in addition to Hollywood home detox:

    • Medically assisted detox

    • Rapid detox

    • Private nurse services

    • Professional interventions

    • Family therapy

    • Mental health stabilization

    • Sober companions

    • Drug test monitoring/aftercare

    • Home IV detox

    Therefore, at MD Home Detox, each person can get the type of treatment they need for success in their recovery from addiction.

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