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Home Detox
in Orange County

MD Home Detox helps residents in and around Orange County, California, detox from addictive substances in the comfort of their own homes. We’ll coordinate and customize your in-home services based on your specific needs and requests. You can detox safely in privacy with the professional support of MD Home Detox.

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    Substance Abuse in Orange County, CA

    Like the rest of the US, Orange County is dealing with increased substance abuse and opioid-related overdoses. According to the California Department of Public Health, the number of opioid-related overdose deaths in Orange County doubled from 2018 to 2020.

    Fortunately, addiction treatment centers and detox programs have emerged to combat the opioid crisis and the increase in substance use disorders during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. Detox is the initial step in treating any substance addiction, and our home detox services are designed to reduce overdose and addiction statistics. We are committed to providing more options for those needing recovery and detox services.

    How Do I Know if I Need At-Home Detox?

    Understanding your treatment needs in early recovery can be challenging. You might need at-home detox if you have struggled to quit drugs and alcohol in the past with no success. When you try to detox on your own, you are at a higher risk of relapsing due to painful and uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. But when you detox under professional medical supervision, your chances of recovery are much higher. You might need at-home detox if the following apply to you:

    • You are unable to cut back or reduce drug and alcohol use

    • Quitting drugs and alcohol on your own has not been successful

    • You have a co-occurring mental health disorder along with addiction

    • You’ve been using drugs or drinking regularly for months or years

    • You use substances to deal with everyday stress

    • Withdrawal symptoms begin after you stop using or drinking

    Since withdrawal symptoms can be incredibly distressing, home detox can help you manage these symptoms without leaving the comfort, privacy, and familiarity of your own home.

    What Type of Symptoms Should I Expect During Home Detox?

    While everyone experiences withdrawal differently, the following are some of the most common types of symptoms you should expect during home detox:

    • Sweating 

    • Insomnia

    • Headaches

    • Clammy skin

    • Restlessness and irritability

    • Anxiety

    • Depression

    • Fever and chills

    • Hallucination

    • Seizures

    • Tremors

    Your symptoms and withdrawal management might vary depending on the severity of your addiction, the types of substances you use, the frequency of substance abuse, and your overall health. MD Home Detox will help you manage these symptoms and monitor your safety.

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    What Happens During At-Home Detox in Orange County?

    During at-home detox in Orange County, you’ll receive medical care and support for the first stage of your recovery. Detoxing from drugs and alcohol can be difficult without professional help. In addition, withdrawal symptoms during detox can be uncomfortable, intense, and even dangerous.

    A medically-assisted detox at home can put you on the path to a full recovery. Our experienced addiction treatment professionals will come to your home to ensure you manage withdrawal symptoms safely.

    Your doctor will work closely with your treatment team to ensure you receive the best medical and psychological care during detox. Our nursing staff will closely monitor your vital signs, medication needs, sleep patterns, and nutritional intake throughout detox. The primary objective of MD Home Detox is to ensure your safety and success during detox.

    Additional Benefits of At-Home Detox

    At-home detox offers additional benefits, such as:

    • The comfort of detox in your home: Your family and friends can remain part of your daily life to support you through detox.

    • Privacy during detox: You might feel vulnerable and on edge during your detox, and at-home detox can provide the privacy you might desire during the worst phases of withdrawal.

    • Lower cost: Compared to inpatient detox services, at-home detox is less expensive because you don’t need to cover facility costs or 24/7 staffing.

    • Personal life continues uninterrupted: You can continue social, familial, professional, and academic duties with minimal interruption.

    • Transition to aftercare: Due to the physical symptoms of withdrawal, you might not be ready to attend group therapy, individual counseling, or other appointments until you complete detox. Thankfully, MD Home Detox will help you transition to aftercare following detox.

    How Long Does Home Detox Take?

    Home detox can vary in length depending upon the substances that you use and the nature of your addiction. If you have been struggling with substance abuse for months or years, you might need more time than others to complete detox. In addition, if you use a mix of different substances, your detox timeline might increase.

    Overall, home detox should take one to two weeks for most people. The most intense physical symptoms will occur within a few days after you stop using or drinking. After the acute phase of detox, you can begin long-term recovery and treatment with aftercare services.

    At-Home Detox in Orange County, CA

    Our at-home detox in Orange County, California, can help you or your loved one quit drinking or using. Before entering a drug or alcohol treatment program, it is critical that you safely manage withdrawal symptoms during detox. MD Home Detox provides at-home detox services to maximize your comfort and allow you to receive treatment with minimal disruptions to your daily life. Contact us today to learn more.

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