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Home Detox Program Beverly Hills, CA

MD Home Detox provides quality detox services to those living in Beverly Hills, California. Additionally, our professional staff comes to you to provide the detox services and medical supervision that you need in the comfort of your own home.

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    Beverly Hills, California is one of the nation’s most affluent cities. Furthermore, it is home to the famed Rodeo Drive and many wealthy business and entertainment figures. However, having wealth, fame, and fortune doesn’t protect someone from the problems of alcohol and drug addiction, unfortunately.

    In fact, these might be the cause of addiction for many Beverly Hills residents. Nevertheless, with MD Home Detox in Beverly Hills, California, you can recover from addiction in the comfort and privacy of your home.

    Why Detox at Home in Beverly Hills?

    According to the 2020 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), “40.3 million people aged 12 or older (or 14.5 percent of this population) had an SUD in the past year” in the United States. Sadly, these statistics include people from all walks of life, from the very wealthy to those struggling to get by.

    Interestingly, residents of Beverly Hills, California, often have high amounts of stress due to the demands of the careers need to maintain a high-end lifestyle. Therefore, leaving these careers behind to attend drug and alcohol rehab might not be an option for many. However, untreated substance abuse can lead to negative consequences. These may, for example, include legal problems and issues at work, which could put their livelihood at risk.

    Fortunately, MD Detox understands that not everyone can walk away from their responsibilities to enter drug and alcohol rehab. Therefore, because of this, we offer home detox in Beverly Hills for residents who need detox but can’t put their lives on hold. In addition to providing detox, our drug and alcohol rehab programs allow you the flexibility you need to get help for addiction while fulfilling your work, family, and social duties.

    What is a Home Detox in Beverly Hills?

    Home detox in Beverly Hills means that you can detox from drugs or alcohol safely in your own home. Medical professionals will visit you to monitor your symptoms as you go through withdrawal from substances. Home detox can be the first step in your recovery from addiction.

    After long-term abuse or misuse, you can develop an addiction to drugs and alcohol. Additionally, you can become physically dependent upon prescription medications. Detox is the process of ridding your body of the harmful substances accumulated through long-term substance abuse.

    First off, drugs and alcohol have powerful effects on the brain’s functioning. Therefore, if you use substances to enhance your mood or to manage underlying mental health symptoms, your brain becomes dependent on these substances to feel good. Nevertheless, during detox, fortunately, the natural balance of your brain’s chemistry is restored so you can begin building the healthy habits needed for long-term sobriety.

    Who Qualifies for Home Detox in Beverly Hills?

    The MD Home Detox program is designed to help you if you are in the early stages of addiction. Moreover, even in the early stages of a drug and alcohol addiction, you might have withdrawal symptoms when you stop using or drinking as a result. Hence, many people struggle to quit due to the unpleasantness of these symptoms.

    You qualify for home detox in Beverly Hills if the following apply to you:

    – Attempts to quit or cut back on substances in the past have not worked

    – Concern about underlying physical or mental health conditions that might worsen during withdrawal

    – Have a safe and secure home environment with a natural support system to help you through detox

    – Need to detox from prescription medications due to physical dependence

    – Unable to quit drugs or alcohol due to unpleasant withdrawal symptoms 

    In short, withdrawal symptoms are a primary reason why you qualify for home detox. Furthermore, these symptoms can vary based on your level of addiction, the substances that you use, and underlying health conditions. Despite this, however, home detox helps you manage these symptoms safely, thus holding you accountable for your goals to stay sober.

    At home detox in Beverly Hills CA

    Common Withdrawal Symptoms During Home Detox in Beverly Hills

    You might experience some of the following withdrawal symptoms during detox:

    – Fatigue

    – Sweating

    – Trouble sleeping

    – Restlessness and irritability

    – Clammy skin

    – Nausea and vomiting

    – Change in appetite

    – Diarrhea

    – Confusion

    – Shakes and tremors

    In severe cases, for example, you can have life-threatening withdrawal symptoms or are at a high risk of overdose if you relapse. Fortunately, with medical professionals monitoring your symptoms, you decrease your risk of complications during detox.

    The Benefits of Home Detox in Beverly Hills

    Home detox in Beverly Hills provides the following benefits:

    – Detox with the support of your family and loved ones in the comfort of your own home

    – Lower costs for medically-assisted detox services compared to inpatient detox

    – Continue to maintain family, work, and social duties with minimal interruptions

    – Access to additional support services with MD Home Detox for continued recovery and aftercare

    – Mental health treatment for those with co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders

    – Decreased risk of relapse than attempting to quit substances on your own

    – Safely manage withdrawal with medical staff monitoring your symptoms

    How Does the MD Home Detox Program in Beverly Hills Work?

    Home detox in Beverly Hills will work by going through the following steps with you or your loved one:

    1. Contact us by phone and talk to one of our professional counselors. Then, if you qualify for our detox program, we will send a clinical team out to your home.
    2. Once the team has determined your addiction level, they will provide you with a plan to rid yourself of your dependency on drugs or alcohol.
    3. Thereafter, our experienced private nurses will visit your home regularly to check on your progress. In addition, they will help you stay on the prescribed treatment plan. Afterward, these nurses report your progress to your supervising doctor and the clinical team.
    4. Finally, once you have completed the home detox regimen, you will be given a discharge plan that will help you avoid any addiction relapse.

    Additional Services with MD Home Detox

    In addition to our home detox services, MD Home Detox provides additional services you might qualify for, such as:

    -Family therapy helps involve your family in the recovery and detox process for improved outcomes in overcoming addiction.

    -Professional interventionalists work with families and friends to discuss their concerns about a loved one’s addiction and encourage treatment.

    -Drug test monitoring and aftercare monitor your progress in staying sober with check-ins and drug tests.

    -Sober companions can accompany you to triggering social events, mentor you during early recovery, and provide emotional support throughout treatment. 

    -Mental health stabilization offers hope for those dealing with mental health crises by stabilizing symptoms of underlying mental illnesses.

    Home Detox in Beverly Hills, CA

    If you or a loved one cannot quit drugs or alcohol on your own, you need professional detox services to begin addiction treatment. Fortunately, despite failed attempts to get sober, MD Home Detox in Beverly Hills, California offers home detox services for those who cannot leave their lives behind to begin drug and alcohol rehab. Contact us today to start your recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

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