We are working during these difficult times. Our professional medical team is taking precautions to assure your safety.

Our clients are often most comfortable at home, and so they find that at-home detox is less stressful than it would be in an inpatient facility.

What is At Home Detox?

During detoxification, the body removes harmful drugs and toxins. Also known as drug or alcohol detox, this process typically brings on withdrawal symptoms. These vary in severity—some symptoms even causing life-threatening complications. Due to these dangerous circumstances, medical supervision is needed throughout detox. Though patients have traditionally undergone detoxification in a medical facility or addiction center, at-home options are currently available. With a program that allows you to safely detox at home, your comfort and convenience can now be prioritized alongside your health.

The goal of detoxification is to get clients through the withdrawal process safely and effectively. To ensure you receive the best physical and mental health care possible, a board-certified addiction specialist and treatment team will assist in the detoxification phase of your treatment. The private nursing staff will closely monitor your vital signs, medication needs, sleep patterns, and nutritional intake. Once home detox is completed, individuals will be ready to continue addressing their substance use disorders in individual, group, and/or family therapies.

The detox phase must be completed and the client medically stable before proceeding with further treatment. It is crucial that the client be allowed to return to their natural state of mind, body, and spirit before addressing substance use and ​​co-occurring disorders.

Why Should I Consider Drug or Alcohol Detox at Home?

At-home detox treatment with  MD Home Detox is beneficial for a variety of reasons. Those who are concerned with confidentiality can benefit from the privacy of at-home detox without sacrificing the safety of medical supervision. Additionally, at-home detox provides clients with comfort—eliminating the stress of detoxing in an unfamiliar location. At-home detox even allows the clinical team monitoring your detox to better understand your circumstances and design a roadmap that best fits your recovery.

How to Detox From Drugs at Home

Detoxing at home can be a simple process. Though withdrawal symptoms will be strong, clinical staff will ensure that you are kept as comfortable as possible. The following are steps in the at-home detox process:

    • Initial Evaluation. During this step, your medical history, as well as your drug and/or alcohol use history, will be reviewed.
    • Examination. A full examination—including lab tests —will be conducted. Once your overall health is understood, an at home detox plan can be created.
    • At Home Detox Process. Qualified staff will attend to your needs as necessary. Various factors are closely monitored such as overall health, withdrawal symptoms, sleep schedule, and nutrition—this minimizes any pain or issues with irritability during the process. Further lab tests and monitoring continue throughout the entire process and changes are made if needed.
    • Concluding the Detox Process. Once the detox process comes to an end, trained staff will work with you towards creating an aftercare plan. The plan will include further treatment and work towards long-term recovery.

What To Expect From At Home Detox

At-home detox is not a one-size-fits-all process. Each client is treated individually, in order to meet their unique needs. Additionally, the clinical staff must be prepared for the intensity of your withdrawal symptoms and how long they will most likely last. Though these cannot be concretely determined, knowing the indicators is still helpful in deciding on a detox plan. Typical influencers in detoxification include:

    • Physical and mental health history
    • Triggers for drug use
    • Family history
    • Type of substance used
    • How long a substance was used
    • Amount of substance used
    • Overall health
    • Method of use
    • Family dynamic
    • Community/Environmental factors

What Home Detox Is Like

Detox does result in uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. Your body will need to adjust to how it worked prior to substance use. Unfortunately, this transitionary period is not pleasant. However, at-home detox supports you through the detoxification process. Once the process is over, you will feel rejuvenated and relieved. Early withdrawal symptoms include:

    • Elevated temperature
    • Nasal congestion and discharge
    • Excessive yawning
    • Sore/achy muscles and joints
    • Insomnia
    • Increased blood pressure
    • Abnormal amount of perspiration

However, the severity of these side effects may continue to worsen as detox continues. Progressive withdrawal symptoms include:

    • Heightened cravings
    • Depression/anxiety
    • Upset stomach
    • Pain in the abdomen
    • Diarrhea
    • Nausea/vomiting

Is Home Detox Safe?

MD Home Detox offers around-the-clock services and access to medical staff—ensuring a safe detoxification process. Before starting detoxification, the clinical team will assess your situation and help you decide if this is the right fit for you. In this assessment, the safety of your home environment, the accessibility of medical staff, and the severity of your drug or alcohol use will be taken into account. For many people, at-home detoxing is the more secure option.

What Are the Benefits of At Home Detox?

A major benefit of at-home detox is how well your medical supervision will be able to understand your environment. They will be aware of your substance use triggers, and the relationship you have with your family and community. Their awareness of your situation will aid in their ability to facilitate your long and short term recovery. Additionally, you will be at ease in your home environment, making you feel less anxious throughout the detox process.

Detox at Home Today

It’s time to get clean. The first step in regaining control of your life is ridding your body of all toxins and drugs. With consistent supervision and nursing care, it is safe to begin your journey to recovery in the comfort of your own home. If you or your loved one is ready to begin the detoxification process today, contact MD Home Detox at (888) 592-8541.

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