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Nurse Services

MD Home Detox nurses work closely with our doctors and communicate regularly on all aspects of medical care. Our private nurse services are available 24/7.

What is a Private Nurse?

A private nurse is a registered and certified nurse who is able to care for patients in a home or residential setting. A patient may have circumstances that either require at-home care, or the patient may have other personal preferences surrounding care from home. Private nurses can attend to various needs such as in our case, drug or alcohol addiction detox and co-occurring disorders. MD Home Detox utilizes the expertise of private nurses from around the country to help monitor, treat and asses our patients with their detox and mental health needs. Our private nurse will work closely with your doctor during the duration of your detox process.

Home Health Care Services With A Private Nurse

Suffering from addiction and/or mental health disorders usually requires professional help in order to overcome or treat those conditions. The decision to seek help is often a highly personal decision. Studies show that one of the leading reasons why people do not seek help is because of the stigmas surrounding it. It is also due to how uncomfortable it may be to attend treatment away from home.

MD Home Detox allows each patient to recover in the comfort of their own homes and this is made possible by our private nurse services. Not only does this eliminate the need for the patient to travel and reside in a medical setting, but it offers the privacy one may be looking for in regards to their recovery from drug addiction.

Detoxing at Home

Our private nurses are able to attend to each patient 24/7, allowing for a safe detox process and medical attention as needed. Our private nurse will work closely with your doctor to administer prescribed medications to help minimize the discomfort associated with the withdrawal process. The private nurse will also create a plan surrounding your circumstances to not only help solve the short-term problems being faced, but also create a long-term plan for your recovery surrounding addiction and mental health.

All of our nurses have experience working in hospitals and treatment facilities throughout their careers. They are experts in the field of drug and alcohol addiction and are able to provide a safe and stable environment for the at home detox process. Nurses can observe, monitor and address symptoms of withdrawal while the detoxification process is happening. They work closely with your doctors and communicate regularly on all aspects of medical care. This includes blood pressure, medication management and nutritional intake. Our private nurses also help each patient further identify underlying issues that may lead to their addiction. From there, they will create a plan to help each patient continue their recovery following their concierge home detox process.

Treating Co-Occurring Disorders at Home

Mental health disorders are often associated with drug and alcohol addiction which is what makes treating metal health as vitally important as treating the addiction. Our private nurses not only specialize in detox services, but they also treat mental health.

Your nurse will work with you and your doctor towards identifying the root causes of your addiction and help you create a plan to help treat your co-occurring disorders, both short-term and long term. The primary goal at MD Home Detox is to help you safely detox from drugs and alcohol as well as to help ensure a long-lasting recovery from addiction and mental health.

What Medicines Will I Take While I’m Detoxing?

This will depend on the acuity of your detox and the substances you are removing from your system. You and your doctor will determine the proper medications to help you detox as safely and comfortably as possible. Our private nurse will help you monitor your medications, ensuring that the proper dosage is being used. Our approach to detoxification is to ensure that you are comfortable for the duration of your detox, but are free and clear of all medications related to the detox once you have stabilized.

Family Counseling During Detox

Addiction effects each member of the family which is why it is important to be able to address the issues as a family unit. Family counseling is not required, but it is encouraged as we are able to form a long-term treatment plan following detox. Our private nurse will assist you and your family towards working with one of our trained family therapists. Another benefit of detoxing at home, is being able to have the family close by during the process.

Aftercare Management

Addiction doesn’t simply go away following the detox phase. This is why we offer aftercare management services geared towards continuing long-term recovery. Our private nurse will work with your aftercare case manager and assist you with navigating a healthy recovery plan. The aftercare management team will also work with each patient to make sure that their surroundings are safe following detox.

At Home Private Nurse Near Me

Our MD Home Detox private nurse services are offered in Los Angeles. Our team is dedicated towards providing you with the care you need. If you or your loved one is in need of help, contact us today. Our team will walk you through our concierge home detox process and provide you with one of our experienced private nurses.


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