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Beating addiction may be the hardest thing that you’ll ever have to do. Attempting to do it alone can leave you feeling frustrated.

When you’re hit with withdrawal symptoms and cravings, you feel out of control. Depending on the substances that you used, detox can be physically dangerous. However, adequate support combined with medical detox and In-home IV therapy can relieve cravings and help you get on the path to wellness.

What is In-Home IV Detox for addiction?

NAD therapy involves using an IV drip to restore your body’s levels of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, a compound that your body produces naturally. Stress, anxiety and substance abuse can drain your body’s NAD stores. The diminished NAD reserves in your body can leave you feeling depleted.

An IV drip delivers nutrients, amino acids, hydration and medications. Unlike oral medications, which must make it through your digestive tract, an IV drip is rapidly absorbed by your system. Therefore, it offers maximum health effects.

Substance abuse damages your body and brain cells. NAD can counteract this damage by restoring your systems to their optimal function. Rebuilding your health doesn’t happen overnight, but NAD gives your body the best opportunity for healing. Drip hydration also reduces fatigue and improves your mental clarity so that you can begin the recovery process on the right foot.

How can At-Home IV Detox help with addiction treatment?

During the addiction recovery process, you’ll deal with strong cravings. You’ll also give your body a chance to heal. In-home IV therapy can help reduce your desire to use substances and encourage cellular regeneration.

Although the entire journey to recovery is challenging, many people don’t make it past the detox stage. Eliminating substances from your system leaves you feeling ravaged. Withdrawal symptoms diminish with time. You might feel helpless as you wait.

Drip hydration treatments can deliver nutrients that make the detox process more comfortable. If you don’t control your cravings, you might end up relapsing because reintroducing the chemicals to your system can help you feel normal again.

However, your body is used to a false version of balance. It’s hard to believe that you can feel better without drugs as you go through detox. In-home IV therapy can reduce your cravings and give you hope that things will improve.

You don’t need to rely on willpower alone to combat your cravings. You can support your body with drip hydration that:

• Offsets tissue damage
• Protects liver function
• Reduces oxidative stress
• Lowers inflammation
• Improves metabolic performance
• Flushes out toxins

Experts believe that NAD binds to some of the same receptors that are responsible for producing the pleasurable feelings that drugs deliver. Therefore, NAD triggers a similar enjoyable sensation as the substances that you may have abused. When you can avoid intense cravings, you can focus on healing.

What are the benefits of getting drip hydration at home?

For several reasons, many people don’t want to leave their home for addiction treatment. They may not want to expose themselves to new people and novel surroundings while going through the most challenging time of their lives. They may need to attend to certain responsibilities and maintain their daily routine. When everything feels as though it’s changing, staying in a familiar environment can give people something solid to hold onto.

In-home IV therapy offers privacy, convenience and comfort. We come to you so that you don’t waste time or energy adjusting to a strange environment. Dropping everything to go through detox or addiction treatment isn’t always the best idea. Cutting yourself off from your life can leave you feeling alone and desperate.

It’s vital for many people to remain productive while managing detox symptoms so that they begin their path to recovery with some momentum. You can remain in your bed or on your couch while you undergo treatment. You can answer phone calls and get work done. NAD doesn’t obliterate addiction. It doesn’t work overnight. However, it can help you manage withdrawal symptoms to increase the likelihood of success in sobriety.

Each NAD IV drip takes about four hours to administer. Most people undergo a course of treatment that lasts for approximately 10 to 14 days. Instead of spending your day at a clinic, let us come to you. Our concierge home detox is perfect for people who want to medically manage their detox on their time to ensure a thriving recovery.

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