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Addiction affects every member of the family and so every member of the family can benefit from taking part in the recovery process. If the client wishes to engage in family therapy, then MD Home Detox can make referrals.

Family Therapy For Addiction And Mental Health

If the client wishes to engage in family therapy, then MD Home Detox can make referrals. Our therapists work closely with family members to provide family therapy and to identify ways that addiction has impacted their relationships. Family members can attend our workshops to learn about healthy boundaries, codependency, addiction, co-occurring disorders, and improving communication. Our therapists also assist family members in finding more resources for support in the community, such as groups, hobbies or classes.

What is Family Therapy?

Family therapy focuses on bringing family members together to improve their relationships with one another and the functionality of the family unit as a whole. In this type of therapy, families gather with a licensed therapist to identify pressing issues, address them in a healthy manner, and work to improve communication and empathy towards one another. Family therapy can last as long as the family would like, however this type of therapy is not one that is usually participated in for a lifetime. Instead, families often partake in family therapy for a short period of time in order to develop skills and apply them to their everyday lives. Family therapy in Los Angeles is extremely popular and can help improve the lives of families from all corners of the country.

Who Should Go to Family Therapy?

Family therapy in Los Angeles is an ideal option for any family who feels as though they could be functioning better with one another. When it comes to having a family member with an addiction, it is usually recommended that their family participates in therapy with them. This is because in family units, when one family member is an addict or an alcoholic, it is common for members of the family to fall into toxic roles that influence the entire unit. For example, one family member might enable the addict or alcoholic while another begins drinking or using drugs to cope with the chaos of their family member’s addiction. Addiction is nothing short of a family disease, as everyone who it touches becomes impacted. That is why family therapy in Los Angeles can be beneficial to any family where addiction has been or is present.

Benefits Of Family Therapy During Detox And Recovery

Decades of research has found that family counseling is a very important part of helping addicts and their families heal from the emotional damage of addiction, as well as help the addict be more successful in their sobriety. Family therapy:

  • Helps families learn to function in healthier age-appropriate roles
  • Strengthens the family bond
  • Provides a safe environment to express difficult feelings
  • Helps create a supportive home life

Family therapy also provides a chance to have underlying mental health concerns, like anxiety or depression, addressed and treated.

Family therapy is especially important for families in which a child or adolescent is the one with an addiction. Addicted kids have a harder time getting sober and staying sober — often even more difficult than it is for adults. Without adequate help, adolescent addicts are far more likely to struggle with frequent relapses.

Family Therapy in Los Angeles

The disease of addiction is just that — a disease. It infiltrates even the most resilient of families and can have disastrous effects on everyone it touches. Family therapy in Los Angeles can help family members of loved ones with a drug or alcohol problem with their own issues related to this topic. If you and your family are ready to get the help that you need to have a healthy, functional family again, contact us right now. We can refer out to a number of qualified, respected therapists who conduct family therapy in Los Angeles.

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