• home detox treatment
    Home Detox Treatment
    Our clinical team comes to your home, to assess your needs, and to make a plan to provide a safe and comfortable detoxification process for you.
  • Interventions
    Beginning treatment often begins with an "intervention" meeting. These meetings are designed to assist the entire family and address how the addiction has affected...
  • Addiction Case Management
    On-going Addiction Case Management
    Our case managers will work with you to make sure all the pieces of your treatment plan are in place and will help adjust and tailor your plans according to your ongoing needs.
  • At Home Drug Testing
    At Home Drug Testing and Monitoring
    Drug testing occurs twice a week, and is beneficial for long term recovery. MD Home Detoxreccommends monitoring the toxicity levels of our clients for one year post-detoxification.
  • Recovery Companions
    Recovery Companions
    A mentor who is available around the clock, to assist with reaching treatment plan goals on a daily basis. This person encourages and empowers you in many ways...
  • Family Counseling
    Family Counseling
    Family members learn how to support the recovery process by participating in therapy as well. Family members begin to feel stress and worry decrease as balance and power...
  • Private Nurse
    Private Nurse Services
    All of our nurses have experience working in hospitals and treatment facilities. Our nurses work closely with the supervising doctor and clinical team, to ensure...
  • Behavioral Health
    Behavioral Health Consulting
    Our team works with you and your family to decide how to proceed with the next phase of your recovery, if it requires placement outside the home.
  • long term recovery
    What Next?
    We will provide you with a full discharge plan upon completion of your case with MD Home Detox.
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