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In Woodland Hills

Drug and alcohol addiction affects the lives of many Americans. Of those aged 12 years and older, 31.9 million reported using illegal drugs in the past 30 days. Another 14.8 million additionally suffer from an alcohol use disorder. Nevertheless, however, detox in Woodland Hills can provide you with the comfortable, private, at-home detox you need in order to stop being a statistic and put addiction behind you.

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    What Is Home Detox?

    The detoxification or detox process involves getting through the all-important first several days after a person stops abusing drugs or alcohol. Therefore, detox takes place before all other treatments for substance use disorders. This is because it rids the body of toxins accumulated during the time of substance abuse. Thus, once someone completes detox, they become better able to focus on the mental, physical, and emotional work needed to finish treatment as a result.

    Home Detox maintains a constant assessment of each client as they go through the detox process, making sure to provide all necessary medical treatments. Fortunately, clinicians, including doctors and nurses, come to your home and can offer medication that helps eliminate many of the potentially dangerous detox-related withdrawal symptoms. Then, once the detox process is complete, it is best to make plans for follow-up care, such as outpatient programs and support groups.

    Benefits of Our Home Detox in Woodland Hills

    Over 70,000 drug overdose deaths occur in the US annually. Many of these tragedies could have been prevented if the person was able to enter detox. Moreover, getting subsequent treatment and learning how to become sober may have saved their life. When it comes to going to detox, unfortunately, the fear of the unknown often keeps a person rooted in their addiction. People commonly undergo detoxification from drugs and alcohol informal facilities, often staying for up to 2 weeks in unfamiliar surroundings.

    Benefits of home detox include:

    The Luxury of Staying Home

    Detox in Woodland Hills performs a medical assessment of each individual’s needs. After this, we plan a detox program that provides care as reliable as that received in hospitals and other residential programs. We also provide medically supervised detox in patients’ homes that allow them to enjoy comfortable, familiar surroundings. As a result, people receiving home detox appreciate being in a place that provides comfort and allows them to sleep in their own beds.

    Being Around Loved Ones

    Being away from home and loved ones proves stressful for anyone, which often keeps a person from entering much-needed detox. In contrast, however, receiving detox treatment in the home gives the patient a sense of security and comfort because their family, friends, and pets remain part of their daily lives.

    Sticking to a Routine

    Routine can provide an important avenue that allows a person to remain focused on their sobriety. Fortunately, home detox allows patients to continue their lives without interrupting their entire normal work or school schedule.


    Anyone concerned with maintaining their privacy during addiction treatment can appreciate home detox. Furthermore, no one needs to know you are seeking needed medical care in your own home, including neighbors, friends, family, and co-workers.

    Who Qualifies for a Home Detox in Woodland Hills?

    Is everyone eligible for a home-based detox program? The short answer is no. Nevertheless, the MD Home Detox program is designed to help only those persons who are in the early stages of addiction. It is additionally designed for those who need help before their problem gets worse or those who have already been through a detox facility and need more help.

    Regardless of your experience, contact us to discuss your individual situation. From here, we can further determine if our Detox in Woodland Hills program will provide a good fit.

    What Happens During an At Home Detox?

    Your experience with our Detox in Woodland Hills program begins by contacting us and speaking to an admissions counselor. Thereafter, a team of medical professionals will visit you in your home to assess your level of addiction. Then, they will devise a plan of action to rid you of your dependency on drugs or alcohol.

    Experienced private nurses will visit you at your home regularly to check on your detox progress and to make sure you are following the treatment program. Additionally, these nurses work closely with the supervising doctor and keep the clinical team informed on your progress. Lastly, you will be monitored for any withdrawal symptoms and provided with medical treatment to help alleviate them.

    When you have successfully completed your MD Home Detox program, you will receive a discharge plan of action on how to maintain your new drug or alcohol-free life. This will include recommendations for follow-up care to help you continue your treatment and stay sober.


    Withdrawal Symptoms During At Home Detox

    Withdrawal symptoms during the detox process prove common, hence making it important that individuals undergoing detox receive medical supervision. This is needed in order to identify and address withdrawal symptoms.

    Common physical withdrawal symptoms include:

    – Headache

    – Nausea and vomiting

    – Diarrhea

    – Elevated blood pressure

    – Sweating

    – Flu-like symptoms

    – Racing pulse and heart rate

    – Shaking

    – Changes in appetite

    – Interruptions in sleep patterns

    – Seizures

    – Cravings for drugs or alcohol

    Withdrawal symptoms of a psychological nature include:

    – Anxiety

    – Panic attacks

    – Depression

    – Agitation

    – Moodiness

    – Hallucinations

    Other Services Provided by MD Home Detox

    Our Detox Woodland Hills program doesn’t just provide basic detox supervision and care. We also recognize that many clients want options for other services that help ease their way through the brave decision to get help for their addiction.

    Interventions: Loved ones often need help in talking to someone about their illness. Additionally, getting them to agree to get help is hard. Thankfully, however, our intervention services help accomplish this and get the person they love on the road to recovery.

    Home IV Detox: Addiction drains people of needed nutrients, which negatively impacts their health. To support patients, we provide IV treatment to help correct this medical issue. As a result, this assists in helping the individual feel better.

    Sober Companions: We can provide a sober companion who will help guide you through some of the challenges that come with getting sober. These companions are similar to personal assistants. They help manage appointments, provide transportation, make sure you stay on track, and supply you with someone in your corner.

    Family Therapy: We teach families how to rally around their loved ones in treatment and become the resource of support they need.

    Mental Healthcare: Because about half of all people who deal with an addiction also have at least one diagnosable mental illness, we consult with you on how to address this as part of your overall recovery plan.

    At Home Detox Woodland Hills

    Don’t let a fear of the detox process keep you from starting your journey to becoming sober. We provide professional, compassionate detox in the privacy of your home that allows you to begin recovery without having to go to an unfamiliar facility. Contact MD Home Detox in Woodland Hills today to find out how we can help you take control of your life again.

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