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Home Detox
In Los Angeles

Detox allows individuals dependent on drugs or alcohol to clear their systems of all toxins and chemicals. This allows individuals to continue their recovery journey with a healthy body and mindset, free from uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms that can make it hard to focus on sobriety. Additionally, some substances produce dangerous withdrawal symptoms that must be monitored and remedied.

MD Home Detox offers top-rated drug and alcohol home detox in Los Angeles, California. Our medical detox program is also available in Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Woodland Hills, Calabasas, Malibu, and Hollywood Hills.

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How Addiction Impacts Los Angeles, CA

Known for celebrities, shopping, and movies, the bustling city of Los Angeles is home to 4 million residents. Unfortunately, those living in sunny LA are not exempt from the damaging effects of drug abuse and alcohol addiction. Over 700,000 LA residents are addicted to illegal drugs or alcohol. Furthermore, 22% of Los Angeles residents binge drink, making alcohol the most misused substance in the city.

Nevertheless, the substances responsible for the most treatment admissions are marijuana, opioids, heroin, and meth. Moreover, and tragically, overdose is also prevalent in the area, with the rates of fatal overdose steadily increasing. For instance, over 1,500 individuals died from opioids in 2020.

Cocaine-related deaths in Los Angeles have also increased by 49% from July 2019 to July 2020. Thus, the need for effective at-home detox in Los Angeles is painstakingly apparent, hence these upsetting statistics.

What is Home Detox?

Home detox is a medically assisted detox process conducted in the privacy of your own home. Withdrawal symptoms can be draining and dangerous, often leaving people mentally and emotionally exhausted. While some individuals attempt to detox at home by themselves, the chances of successfully managing the initial withdrawal symptoms and resisting cravings are much lower compared to those who receive medical advice and monitoring. Inpatient detox facilities can also be uncomfortable, and individuals deserve privacy and respect during this crucial and vulnerable process.

Our clients begin the at-home detox process with a consultation with an assigned doctor and a certified addiction specialist. Both professionals work closely with each client’s entire treatment team throughout the duration of their detox program, ensuring that their needs are met and regularly updated.

Clients are also supported by our private nursing staff, who closely monitor their vitals and provide them with excellent care. All in all, our medically-assisted home detox program sets individuals up for a successful recovery. We also administer specific medications that control cravings and lessen the severity of withdrawal symptoms.

How Do You Know If You Need Detox?

Those who are suffering from addiction may choose detox so they can finally stop using drugs and alcohol. If you’re seeking a safe place to detox or have considered home detox in Los Angeles, research each provider carefully. Detox is both medicine and science, and many facilities lack the medically-trained staff needed to provide a safe and comfortable experience.

Once the body becomes completely dependent on drugs or alcohol, it responds by producing painful withdrawal symptoms in the substance’s absence. Because these withdrawal symptoms can become dangerous, it’s crucial to safely detox under medical supervision.

Withdrawal symptoms that individuals can expect during detox include:

  • Drug cravings
  • Insomnia
  • Nausea
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Vomiting
  • Headache
  • Diarrhea
  • Flu-like symptoms (congestion, runny nose, sore throat)
  • Fever
  • Profuse perspiration
  • Shakiness/tremors
  • Fatigue
  • Seizures (in severe cases)
  • Hallucinations and delusions

What Happens During Home Detox in Los Angeles, CA?

At MD Home Detox in Los Angeles, we follow a general protocol to ensure our clients have a smooth experience with us. It’s important that our clients know what to expect before beginning home detox, and our admissions team can guide you through the typical detox process.

From there, we’ll set you up with an initial screening with one of our professional counselors. If a client qualifies following this screening, a medical detox team will be dispatched to their home at the scheduled time. Last but not least, they will set up a plan of action that correlates with the client’s level of addiction and their specific circumstances.

Once your treatment plan has been formulated, our private nurses, all of whom have experience working in hospitals and addiction treatment facilities, will come to the client’s home on a regular basis. They’ll check on your progress and address any problems you may have. Above all, they will make sure they are following the prescribed treatments.

After completing their home detox program, our medical team provides each client with a full discharge plan geared toward helping them stay on a healthy track to maintain sobriety and reduce the chances of relapse. We’ll also direct you to one of our clinical partnerships that offer outpatient addiction treatment services or mental health and dual diagnosis housing.

Benefits of Home Detox in Los Angeles, CA

There are a plethora of benefits associated with detoxing at home with MD Home Detox. First and foremost, the most noteworthy of these is setting clients up for a lasting and meaningful recovery.

Additional benefits of an at-home detox in Los Angeles include: 

Stability and Support

Firstly, unlike traditional detox, home detox allows clients the support of their loved ones while letting them remain in a familiar environment. As a result, this support system can greatly increase their chances of successful recovery. Secondly, it makes the overall withdrawal process less daunting. 

Lower cost

Additionally, inpatient detox treatment can be costly. However, when participating in a home detox, their home becomes the treatment facility. As a result, this means they are not paying a daily rate for a bed or for any unnecessary services. 

Maintain Personal Life

MD Home Detox gives individuals the chance to continue maintaining their personal lives as well. In short, because they are receiving treatment in their home, they are able to continue their daily routine. Fortunately, they can do this without having to take time off to reside at a detox facility.

Individualized Services

At a traditional detox facility, individuals may not get the same direct attention they will when participating in a home detox. When detoxing at home, our clients receive 100% of the team’s focus.


At-home detox helps people preserve their privacy as there are no other clients in the residence. Clients also do not have to interact with anyone they do not completely know as well as people who don’t understand their situation. Addiction is a difficult disease to talk about. Therefore, having privacy can make the detox process more manageable.

What Happens After Home Detox in Los Angeles, CA?

For the best recovery outcomes, it is important to seek additional treatment following the completion of detox. MD Home Detox offers aftercare through one of our clinical partnerships, as well as drug test monitoring. Additionally, we will be happy to help you find a reputable rehab program for further treatment. Types of treatment people typically attend following detox include:

  • •  Inpatient/Residential Treatment 
  • •  Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)
  • •  Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)
  • •  Standard Outpatient Program (OP)
  • •  Sober Living 

Areas Serviced in Los Angeles, CA

MD Home Detox services multiple cities in California–including the Los Angeles area. Once you decide to make that final step with us, MD Home Detox will coordinate and customize your in-home services.

We decipher this based on their specific needs and requests. This includes reviewing their case, outlining a treatment plan, and scheduling a date to meet with them at their home. Specifically, we service homes in the below Los Angeles locations.

Begin Home Detox in Los Angeles, CA

MD Home Detox is ready to help you regain your life. Our experienced medical detox team comes to you, hence making detox more convenient and affordable than ever. Our primary goal is to ensure you safely and successfully get through the withdrawal process, creating a strong foundation for recovery.

Don’t let addiction hold you back. It’s time to get the help you deserve. To learn more or to begin your journey to sobriety today, give us a call or reach out through our contact form.

Woodland Hills

Situated in the scenic San Fernando Valley region, those living in Woodland Hills are eligible for our home detox services. We understand the appeal of receiving at-home treatment and want to ensure our clients have the best detox experience possible.

Beverly Hills

Known for its luxury, many consider Beverly Hills to be one of the most prestigious areas in Los Angeles. We offer detox in the Beverly Hills area in order to assist those in need of privacy and the ability to maintain personal engagements.

Santa Monica

Given its sandy beaches and serene waves, Santa Monica is an ideal location for addiction recovery. Our detox services allow clients to stay in this peaceful environment as they receive treatment in the comfort of their own homes.


Malibu boasts warm sunshine and pristine shorelines. However, those living in this coastal area still face the harsh reality of substance use disorder. Therefore, we provide home detox services in beautiful Malibu.


Considered to be one of Los Angeles’ smaller towns, those living in Calabasas are not exempt from drug and alcohol misuse. For this reason, MD Home Detox offers comprehensive services to the residents of this historic area.


America’s iconic home to film and glamor, Hollywood is highly-regarded in Los Angeles. Sadly, many living in the area struggle with addiction, making the need for home detox services clear.

Begin Home Detox in Los Angeles, CA

MD Home Detox is ready to help you regain your life. Moreover, our experienced medical team comes to you, hence making detox more convenient and affordable than ever. Additionally, our primary goal is to ensure you safely and successfully get through the withdrawal process for instance. In turn, this helps you create a strong foundation for recovery as well.

Stop letting addiction hold you back. It’s time to get the help you deserve. To learn more or to begin your journey to sobriety today, give us a call or reach out through our contact form.

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