We are working during these difficult times. Our professional medical team is taking precautions to assure your safety.

Mental Health

Our team works with you and your family to decide how to proceed with the next phase of your recovery.

Mental health stabilization for a long term recovery

We help you find the best, most cost-efficient options for your long-term recovery and we support a seamless transition to outside services when necessary to aid in your mental health stabilization.

How long will detox last?

The length of time depends on the substances your body has become dependent upon. When someone has become dependent on several substances at a time, it can take longer. Different body types can take more or less time as well. Detox take anywhere from several days to a few weeks and you and your doctor can discuss the length of time you can expect to be detoxing.

What comes after the detox?

Detoxification is an important first step toward attaining physical health after long term substance use. Some of our clients choose to use MD Home Detox solely for the purpose of detoxification. We recommend a supportive longer-term treatment plan that includes different types of services to address the underlying reasons for substance use and to support lasting change. Once our clients have stabilized after detoxification, they sometimes use our consultation services to transition to other long-term facilities, or outpatient programs. Some of our clients choose to continue to work with our treatment team of medical professionals, case managers, therapists and alcohol and drug abuse counselors. All of our treatment team professionals have been trained in the practice of treating co-occurring disorders also known as dual diagnosis, and are sometimes involved in cases for up to one year, when necessary.


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