15 Jul

Chronic Pain and Drug addiction

According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH), 1 in 10 Americans live with chronic pain, and healthcare providers rely on different forms of opioids to manage or alleviate acute pain. Now, such drugs have been facing scrutiny regarding their widespread use, because even though they are effective in treating pain that […]

08 Jul

Alcohol in the Brain

It’s true that alcohol consumption is deeply ingrained in American culture and without the stigma or social abhorrence of many of the other drugs of abuse.  While the occasional cocktail, a glass of wine, or happy-hour beer now and then is not likely to cause problems, excessive drinking can impact the brain and cause deficits […]

23 Jun

Naloxone: A Second Chance at Life

In 2017 there were 70,237 reported drug overdose deaths that occurred in the United States. Of these, 67.8% involved opioids of any kind (47,600). Since the early 2000s, Naloxone was introduced in order to combat these figures, and access to this so-called “miracle drug” has been steadily increasing over the years. What is it? Put […]

16 Jun

How to Talk to Your Kids About Your Addiction

Just as difficult as having conversations with your employer (LINK) and spouse (LINK) may be, even more difficult may be having that all important, but necessary conversation with your children. It may be tempting to sugar-coat the truth, or even avoid the conversation entirely, however children are incredibly perceptive, and depending on their age and […]

09 Jun

Getting Hooked on Opioids After the Dentist

Dentists and medical professionals, in general, are an important component in fighting the opioid epidemic, as they play a large role in perpetuating the prevalence and availability of these substances, due in part to what appears to be careless prescribing practices. In recent years, despite releasing its guidelines for prescribing opioids for chronic pain, the […]

02 Jun

Are You Ready For Recovery?

1. What is my Motivation for Recovery? There are many different paths that may lead someone to recovery, however best outcomes occur once you are able to find a reason to do it for yourself rather than to rely on the idea of pleasing someone else. While we can work with those of you who […]

22 May

The Opioid Crisis in the News

With opioid use on the rise, and the “war on drugs” raging on, it’s not a surprise that pharmacies and other involved parties are beginning to be held responsible for the promotion of opioid prescriptions. As the research surfaces from nationwide task forces, we are beginning to get a clearer picture of the players responsible […]

15 May

Nicotine as a Replacement Addiction

Deciding to finally deal with addiction and beginning the journey towards recovery can be rewarding, but it can also be challenging. Often, when people stop feeding into their pattern of behavior, they are often tempted to pick up another habit that will replace their current addiction, sometimes as an attempt to avoid relapse of their […]

08 May

Admitting to Your Spouse that You Have an Addiction

Struggling with addiction can be challenging with or without the help of a loved one. Not including loved ones in your recovery or treatment plans not only leaves you feeling alone and distant, but also prevents you from working with them to improve your future. For as long as the lying and deceit continue, so […]

01 May

How to Talk to Your Employer About Your Addiction

When it comes to talking to your employer about having an addiction or substance abuse problem, it can be hard to imagine the conversation going well. Often, employees are afraid to reveal their addiction to fear of being terminated from the company or being subject to harsh judgment by their boss. Fortunately, that’s not always […]