21 Sep
At Home Heroin Detox

At Home Heroin Detox

At Home Heroin Detox with a Concierge Medical Team After a heroin addiction has gutted someone’s life—and only then—will they finally have had enough of the misery and begin to consider getting help.  By this point they have run out of excuses to keep using and face the harsh reality that without treatment they will […]

18 Sep
Detox from Oxycodone at Home

Detox from Oxycodone at Home

Detox from Oxycodone at Home Safely You have taken the brave step to break free from the chains of addiction.  You are committed to making the necessary changes to put your life back on track and to create a healthy and stable lifestyle.  It would be so awesome if you could just wave a magic […]

11 Sep
outpatient detox

Outpatient Detox at Home

Outpatient Detox at Home offers Increased Privacy Imagine trying to rebuild a house that has crumbled due to an earthquake without first clearing the debris and stabilizing the foundation.  The outcome would just not be very solid, would it?  The same analogy can be applied to recovery from alcohol or drug dependency.  Substance abuse wreaks […]

06 Sep
Drug and Alcohol Home Detox

Drug and Alcohol Home Detox

Increased Comfort with Drug and Alcohol Home Detox With each passing day it is becoming more evident that you are developing a chemical dependency on a drug or alcohol.  No matter how innocently the use of the substance began, it seems that your body now needs higher doses more frequently as tolerance has crept up.  […]

03 Jul
San Francisco Home Detox Program

San Francisco Home Detox Program

San Francisco Home Detox Program The addiction problem with alcohol and drugs in the United States continues to be an increasing problem with no end in sight. Government statistics show that over 23.5 million Americans are addicted to either alcohol, drugs of both. In a new survey, it’s estimated that approximately 9 percent of the […]

Orange County Home Detox Program

Orange County Home Detox Program For residents of Orange County who fear they are in the early stages of alcohol or drug addiction, there is now an alternative solution besides checking yourself into a detox facility. MD Home Detox, an innovator in home detoxification treatment, is now available in the Orange County area. Its home […]

Newport Beach Home Detox Program

Newport Beach Home Detox Program Over 23 million people in the United States are addicted to alcohol or drugs or both, according to government statistics. That large number is bad enough, but even worse is the fact that figures also show only 11 percent of those addicts ever seek professional detox help. Do you live […]

Beverly Hills Home Detox Program

Beverly Hills, California is one of the nation’s most affluent cities. It is home to famed Rodeo Drive and many wealthy business and entertainment figures. Having money doesn’t insulate one from the problems of alcohol and drug addiction, however. In fact, it might be the cause of addiction for many Beverly Hills residents. Government studies […]

San Diego Home Detox Program

San Diego is often called “America’s Finest City” because of its location by the Pacific Ocean, mild climate, excellent economy and wide range of entertainment venues. It’s not so fine if you live there under the duress of being addicted to drugs or alcohol. All of the sunshine and nice surroundings can’t help that. Only […]

LA Home Detox Program

LA Home Detox Program If you recognize that you are addicted to alcohol or drugs and need professional help, of if you’ve been through one detox program but are slipping back into your old ways, there is help available that doesn’t require a long stay in a rehab facility. For those in the LA (Los […]