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What We Offer

Home Detox

Our clients are often most comfortable at home, and so they find that detoxification at home is less stressful than it would be in an inpatient facility.

Mental Health

Co-occurring and dual diagnosis disorders are common. We help you find the best, most cost-efficient options for mental health stabilization in a home setting.


The Case Manager works closely with the medical team to form an individualized aftercare plan to ensure smooth transition to recovery.

Addiction Interventions

Our renowned interventionists in your area can help kickstart the process of recovery if your loved one is refusing addiction treatment.

Family Counseling

Addiction affects each person in the family. Our therapists work closely with family members to identify ways the addiction has impacted their relationships.

Executive Detox

Addiction doesn’t discriminate. Anyone can develop a substance abuse disorder, including CEOs and other high-earning professionals. Detox in your home safely and discreetly.

Sober Companions

Acting as a mentor and coach, sober companions work with our clinical team to assist individuals in real-time situations that arise in recovery.

Family Education

Addiction is complex. We aim to assist the family in better understanding addiction, co-occurring disorders and denial.

Home IV Therapy

Medical detox combined with at-home IV Therapy can help alleviate cravings and withdrawal symptoms, restoring your body to optimal function.

Discover Who We Are

MD Home Detox is the first individualized concierge recovery program offered in the United States. Our recovery program offers a fully-integrated team treatment approach that is designed for the home environment.

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Meet The Detox Team


In addition to overseeing home detox cases with MD Home Detox, Dr. Abe Malkin, MD MBA is active in other areas of Addiction Medicine, serving as the Medical Director for The View Detox Center and on staff at Avalon Malibu Treatment center.

Dr. Abe Malkin, MD MBA

Sara Johnson, RN

Sara has spent almost 20 years in the medical field. Her journey within the field of addiction began in 2010 with adolescents. Sara saw a need in working with adults suffering from addiction when seeing how adults also lack the necessary support and accountability.

Sara Johnson, RN

Karen Barton, RN

Karen Barton, RN

Julianne Norton, RN

Julianne Norton graduated with her RN, BSN from Penn State University. She worked at Hahnemann University Hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, for two years as an inpatient oncology nurse.

Julianne Norton, RN

Kristina Lansang, RN

Kristina currently works at The Angeles Clinic and Research Institute, an affiliate of Cedars Sinai Medical Foundation, as an oncology nurse and is an infusion nurse for Drip Hydration.

Kristina Lansang, RN

Jose Hernandez Jr., Aftercare Coordinator

Jose Hernandez Jr. builds trust and alliance with clients by approaching them with honesty, love and compassion. He motivates clients to change.

Jose Hernandez Jr., Aftercare Coordinator



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