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Are You Ready For Recovery?

1. What is my motivation for recovery?

There are many different paths that may lead someone to recovery, however best outcomes occur once you are able to find a reason to do it for yourself rather than to rely on the idea of pleasing someone else. While we can work with those of you who are looking to “get others off your back”, true recovery will only last once you have decided to transition this motivation into one that is focused on your own best interests.

2. What fears do I have?

Recovery represents a difficult change for a number of people, as for many, it is a decision to shift identity, friend groups, and their day to day engagement with life. It may be common to fear the aftermath of this sort of decision, to wonder whether you’ll have any fun anymore, whether you’ll be able to cope with that thing from your past, or with the stressors of everyday life. Acknowledgment of these fears, and even sharing them with others going through the same thing may actually help to calm these worries, as would getting involved in community-based recovery groups, or with those in your recovery community. You will likely find that your life in recovery has much greater potential for happiness and well being down the road that will bring ultimate calm to these fears.

3. Can I admit that addiction has affected my life negatively?

While you may be aware that drugs and alcohol have negative effects on your body and life, are you willing to retreat from your place of denial, look honestly at these areas of your life, and withstand the truth of the damage that your choices have caused? Whether it is negative effects on your health, finances, relationships, work or school performance, recognizing the links between these areas of life can be a good motivator towards change.  Whether the realization comes from a recent run-in with the law, or something as simple as the recognition that it’s difficult to relax or unwind without the aid of alcohol or other drugs, it may be time for a change.

4. What do I see for my future?

Ask yourself honestly what you see for yourself in the future, whether it is 6 months from now or 6 years. Do you imagine yourself to be living the same chaotic existence, risking the stability and testing your relationships to their limits? Or do you imagine that future you will have these problems sorted out, will be back in control of your life, pursuing health and sobriety? Whatever choices you make in the here and now you are rehearsing for your future self, and there is no version of the future that does not extend from the choices that you make today.

6. Am I ready to be honest?

A life of dependent upon substances is often one built on lies and deceit, not only to others but also to yourself. Recovery from addiction requires taking responsibility for your actions in the past, and subjecting yourself to accountability in the future.

The process of recovery is hard work, challenging to mind and body. Being ready doesn’t mean that you have all the answers, but that you have begun the process of realistically assessing the impact that drugs and alcohol or a certain behavior is having on your life. Call us today at 888.592.8541 to learn more about detox, the first step in your journey to recovery.


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