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One of the main reasons that discourage people with various forms of addictions from seeking treatment is the apprehension about experiencing unpleasant and prolonged withdrawal symptoms, all to take place within a sterile and uninviting atmosphere. Their worries are absolutely understandable because withdrawal from any substance is inevitable and often painful. Even though the severity varies greatly to some degree particularly with some substances more than others, the symptoms can be quite unpleasant. When trying to understand the severity of opiate or heroin detox at home, it may be helpful to remember that last caffeine headache you had or a craving for a cigarette or even chocolate. We know how uncomfortable even these minor withdrawals can be, and intuitively we can understand that the symptoms are much greater for those whose bodies have become physically adapted to the presence of a particular substance. 

Because many medical complications can arise during detox, the 24/7-hour supervision provided by medical professionals in an inpatient detox clinic can provide a safe environment for high-risk patients to go through withdrawal and wean themselves off a substance. Inpatient detox centers (as well as our medical professionals) can also prescribe medications depending on the substance used in order to successfully manage withdrawal symptoms and begin maintenance therapy to mitigate the risk of complications as well as immediate relapse.

The length and severity of any withdrawal symptoms depend on different factors, such as the type of substance abused, the method of use (injecting, snorting, etc.) and how long a patient has been abusing the substance. Going through a drug or alcohol withdrawal isn’t easy, however, it is a necessary first step toward long-term recovery. While some individuals are comfortable attending an inpatient detox center to help assess any withdrawal complications, some individuals prefer receiving local nursing services in their own “home rehab” to detox in comfort and maintain their privacy.

Local nursing services for home detox are ideal for individuals who want to continue long-term addiction treatment but do so near their family or the workplace instead of being confined in a rehab facility or detox center. Detoxification therapy is designed to manage the symptoms of withdrawal that follows quitting drugs or alcohol use and helping a patient who is dependent on substances overcome a physical dependency during the process of clearing toxins from their body.

Now, in many situations, withdrawal from chronic substance abuse can be difficult, or even life-threatening without assistance. This is why patients are encouraged to spend time at an inpatient detox facility or to detox at home under the supervision of qualified professionals. Medical personnel such as nurses and doctors are specially trained in how to detox at home from a range of substances, alcohol to opiates, and can make use of medications as well as other techniques to help ease the withdrawal process and safely manage their side effects. 

Patients who don’t want to check themselves into a detox clinic can also benefit from supervised home detox because doing so can also increase their chances for long-term recovery in the privacy and comfort of their homes during the first phase of recovery.

Once your physician clears you for in-home detoxification therapy, you will be provided with an expert clinician-led home detoxification team who will come to you to supervise the entire process from beginning to end. Private and professional nurses will oversee your medication management, and a Board Certified Addiction Specialist Doctor will lead the charge, and check in daily. The team will continue to manage your withdrawal symptoms with medication if necessary, until you have successfully rid the body of toxins caused by alcohol or drug abuse. They will also provide you and your loved ones with the support, aftercare, and resources that you need to help get you through your journey to attaining full sobriety. 

MD Home Detox provides services in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Brentwood, San Francisco, San Diego, and La Jolla. Visit our Services page to learn more about the process and find the answers to some frequently asked questions.


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