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Addiction is a Family Disease

Addiction is a Family Disease

It is no secret that the patterned behavior surrounding the disease of addiction affects overall family unity, family finances, physical health, and mental wellbeing, and often leaves in its wake a general state of chaos and dysfunction. When addiction exists within a family system, no one is left unaffected. In fact, often specific definable roles […]

Family Dynamics of Addiction and Recovery

Understanding the family dynamics of addiction and recovery is an important part of the recovery journey. Many people who are in the throes of an addiction often have a hard time seeing how their actions are affecting those around them. But the fact remains that addiction doesn’t just affect the addict – it also has […]

Where Do Kids Hide Drugs?

where do kids hide drugs

When you have a teenager who uses drugs, you also have someone who knows how to hide evidence. Children learn early in life how to hide certain things from their parents, like candy, toys, or a note from a teacher. If they reach a point in their lives where they begin to use or abuse […]

Helping vs. Enabling

helping vs enabling

When a loved one struggles with substance abuse, stepping in and helping is a natural reaction. We want to help them and often do, as that is what the norms of society and friendship dictate. But what about those cases when that person we help, we think (or know) has a substance-abuse problem? Understanding the […]

How to Talk to Your Kids About Your Addiction

How to Talk to Your Kids About Your Addiction

Just as difficult as having conversations with your employer and spouse may be even more difficult than having that all-important, but necessary conversation with your children. It may be tempting to sugar-coat the truth, or even avoid the conversation entirely, however children are incredibly perceptive, and depending on their age and developmental level, they may view your […]