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16 Jun

How to Talk to Your Kids About Your Addiction

Just as difficult as having conversations with your employer and spouse may be even more difficult than having that all-important, but necessary conversation with your children. It may be tempting to sugar-coat the truth, or even avoid the conversation entirely, however children are incredibly perceptive, and depending on their age and developmental level, they may view your […]

25 Mar

The Addicted Family

A Family Disease It is no secret that addictive patterned behavior affects overall family unity, family finances, physical health, and mental wellbeing, and often leaves in its wake a general state of chaos and dysfunction. When addiction exists within a family system, no one is left unaffected. In fact, often specific definable roles emerge as […]

10 Aug
Addiction is a Family Disease - MD Home Detox

Addiction is a Family Disease

The Importance of Family Counseling Addiction does not only impact the individual who is struggling with substance abuse, but also family and friends closely involved in their lives. Addiction is a family disease that often leads to strained relationships and choosing sides, especially if you are truly trying to help a family member overcome their […]