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Detox from Oxycodone at Home

Detox from Oxycodone at Home

Detox from Oxycodone at home safely

You have taken the brave step to break free from the chains of addiction.  You are committed to making the necessary changes to put your life back on track and to create a healthy and stable lifestyle.  It would be so awesome if you could just wave a magic wand and instantly jump over the hurdles that stand between you and the life you imagine for your future, but that just isn’t realistic.

Getting clean from a powerful opioid like oxycodone (OxyContin) is absolutely possible, but patience and fortitude are required to get to the other side.  You are resolved to make that happen, so your next step on this journey is detox and withdrawal.  You have to ask yourself, would you rather be in a clinical setting during this difficult phase of recovery, or would you rather be in comfortable, familiar surroundings and detox from oxycodone at home?

Benefits of detox from Oxycodone at home

Addiction is a sensitive personal issue that many people would like to keep to themselves.  The best way to protect your privacy when in need of detox services is to undergo the detox process at home.  Discretion is a significant advantage to receiving detox assistance in your own home environment versus a clinical setting.

In addition to the confidential manner of an at-home detox, there are other benefits as well.  Being home while experiencing the physical and emotional discomforts of detox is much less stressful than doing so in a medical facility.  It is comforting to have the support of a private detox nurse as well as a family member, or even a pet, nearby to offer their encouragement during the process.

What to expect during detox from Oxycodone at home

There is no way to sugar coat the difficult process of detoxifying the body of all traces of oxycodone.  The body has become accustomed to the steady and consistent influx of the drug and now expects it.  When you stop taking it, the body rebels by becoming physically—similar to the flu—and emotionally sick.   The withdrawal symptoms begin about 10 hours after the last dose of the drug and peak at about 72 hours before diminishing over the next several days.

Possible physical withdrawal symptoms from oxycodone include:

• Body aches
• Nausea
• Stomach cramps
• Chills
• Sweats
• Vomiting
• Diarrhea
• Headaches
• Tremors
• Yawning
• Teary eyes and runny nose

Potentially serious withdrawal symptoms include:

• High blood pressure
• Irregular heart rate
• Respiratory problems

Emotional withdrawal symptoms may include:

• Insomnia
• Depression
• Anxiety
• Irritability
• Foggy thinking
• Problems with concentration
• Malaise
• Suicidal ideation

How to improve the process of detox

Thankfully, a skilled addiction specialist physician and a trained detox nurse will provide medications to help offer relief from much of the discomfort associated with detox.  Over-the-counter medications can be provided for the flu-like symptoms of fever, headache, body aches, and intestinal discomforts.  To help reduce cravings and further reduce the physical symptoms, prescription medications can be provided, such as buprenorphine, Suboxone, and naltrexone.

There are some other holistic therapies or activities to help relieve the withdrawal symptoms.  Getting outside in the sunshine and taking a brisk walk each day will help boost vitamin D levels that encourage serotonin production, aiding in depression symptoms.  Distracting yourself by watching movies or reading can help.  Yoga and deep breathing exercises can help promote relaxation and reduce stress.

MD Home Detox provides safe detox from Oxycodone at home

MD Home Detox offers a safe alternative to an inpatient facility for oxycodone detox and withdrawal.  Under the supervision of a doctor who is a board-certified addiction specialist, and with the assistance of a trained detox nurse, your detox and withdrawal will be safely completed in the comfort and privacy of your home.  Once detox is completed, MD Home Detox can begin preparing you for the treatment phase of recovery.  For more information about this confidential detox method, please contact MD Home Detox today at 888.592.8541

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