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At-Home Executive Detox

what is at home executive detox

Detox is the act and process of abstaining from drugs after a considerable amount of use. Your body will be used to the regular use of drugs. As a result, you will face withdrawal symptoms depending on factors like the type of substance you abused and how much you have used. If you detox by yourself, your chances of relapse are high, and that is why you need the help of medical professionals when detoxing from alcohol and drugs. There are various detox options, for example, home executive detox and inpatient rehab San Clemente.

What Is At-Home Executive Detox?

Anyone is prone to alcohol and drug abuse and addiction. This includes corporate executive leaders, political leaders, celebrities, and any other person. An executive detox is a detox program that focuses on the delivery of highly individualized and discrete treatment for Executives. You do not have to be a celebrity, political leader, or the likes to get executive detox. It is accessible to anyone who wants a discreet and private detox and rehabilitation.

Executive detox at home

Discreteness is necessary for detox mainly to help protect the reputation of the patients. There are detox centers that even let you sign up with aliases. Furthermore, you will be under the care of use disorder specialists to ensure the detox process is safe and effective. These medical professionals will issue and oversee the use of medication to try and ease the withdrawal symptoms. 

At home executive detox takes place in the environment you are most comfortable with and familiar with, which is typically at home. 

What To Expect During At-Home Executive Detox

You should know that medical professionals treat each case of addiction differently. This is because the factors are different, for example, the substance abuse and the amount. However, there are common aspects of the home executive detox program. They include:

Personalized Care

Since each case is different medical professionals will offer highly individualized treatment. There are three main stages in the detox process. They include:

1. Assessment

The assessment stage is the base of a personalized detox treatment care. This stage is very Common in drug rehab programs in San Clemente. We ask you to be open with the medical professionals. Give them all the information they need upfront to help them identify the problem early enough and develop the appropriate treatment plan.

2. Supervised Treatment

Actual treatment starts on the stage. We will roll out a drug-free policy to help you stay clean during this period. Where necessary, we will use medication to help you cope with the withdrawal symptoms.

3. Mental Recovery and Clinical Counselling

Substance abuse and addiction not only affects your physical health but your mental and emotional health as well. Thus, we have counseling programs in our home executive detox program to promote a stabilized and speedy recovery.

Withdrawal Management

You will experience withdrawal effects since the body was accustomed to the use of drugs. The withdrawal symptoms will depend on factors like:

1. The type of substance taken 

2. How frequent it was abused 

3. The overall period of abuse 

4. How long it has been since your last use

You should expect that the withdrawal symptoms increase and are most intense after a few days since your last dose. We will provide medication to help you deal with symptoms like: Anxiety, cravings, insomnia, nausea, muscle pain, and diarrhea.

Holistic Addiction Treatment

Top home executive detox centers offer holistic treatment to help make your recovery both in body and mind. These therapies are known to help individuals relax and minimize stress. Examples include:

  • Vitamin therapy 
  • Yoga 
  • Massage therapy 
  • Guided imagery

How Executive At-Home Detox Programs Promote Discreteness 

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At-home detox centers such as MD Home Detox have put in place the following measures to achieve confidentiality of our patients:

1. We will offer detox and rehab services in a remote location. 

2. Transport services are available to and from the treatment centers 

3. We keep the records protected the staff is trained to be professional and respectful to the patient’s wishes 

4. There are facilities with inconspicuous entrances and exits to grant access to executives.

At-Home Executive Detox Services at MD Home Detox

MD Home Detox is an organization that offers individualized concierge detox treatment services such as concierge home detox, executive detox, mental health stabilization and numerous other services. We use treatment programs and services to treat various drug use disorders.

Contact us today to start your at-home executive detox treatment program and begin your recovery.

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