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How to Safely Detox From Adderall at Home

how to detox from adderall at home

Just because stimulants like Adderall do not create the same physical dependence as other classes of drugs, quitting it cold-turkey, like many other substances, is discouraged. This is especially true if a person is experiencing Adderall addiction. As with most types of substance abuse, by the time someone notices, that habit has taken over your life making withdrawals a real danger. For many, the sole drawback of getting clean is having to put their lives on hold to go through a detox program. However, more and more people are achieving that success from Adderall addiction in the comfort and privacy of their own home with our detox program. 

Beating Adderall Addiction at Home

With a bit of forethought, kicking Adderall addiction can be done without the need to check into a residential facility. The main advantage of an in-patient detox is the presence of medical professionals around the clock, so even at 3:30 am, there is someone available to ensure patients are safe both physically and mentally. That may sound like overkill, but the mental crash from stimulant addiction, especially severe cases, can drive people to great lengths, up to and including attempts to take their own life. Supervision and a pre-approved plan significantly reduce these potential risks. 

Because Adderall is routinely prescribed to children, many people mistakenly consider it “safe” but like any drug, the possibility for abuse and addiction still exists. Stimulants like Adderall affect the central nervous system, so if someone has an Adderall addiction it is not recommended to just quit, but instead taper that dosage off until a doctor deems it is safe to stop taking it. For people who face legal consequences or cannot take the time to taper off, a supervised program can help alleviate the effects of withdrawals and get a person off their habit quickly.  

The biggest issue of detoxing from any type of stimulant abuse is the mental withdrawals which can cause severe depression, anxiety, panic attacks and even suicidal ideation and attempts. The physical symptoms like restlessness, insomnia, and extreme fatigue may last a few days but the real dangers of Adderall withdrawals happen after those first few days. The mental effects of stimulant withdrawals are where the true danger lies, this phase can last for a few weeks but be effectively neutralized with doctor-prescribed medications. Do not attempt this without proper supervision as self-medicating is what led to the addiction in the first place, and you will likely wind up swapping one habit for another. 

How to Detox Safely From Adderall at Home

The same or better care for Adderall addiction at most residential detox programs are now regularly available in your own home. As COVID-19 forces the world to adapt to it, new methods of commerce, schooling, and yes, even detoxing, are routinely done in the comfort and privacy of your own home. It actually offers significant advantages over a residential facility. Instead of the seclusion of an institution, getting clean at home means you get to sleep in your own bed and the world is still right there, as are those triggers that push or call you to use. 

A care team will come to your home and examine your environment and create an individualized plan to help you succeed in detoxing, while in a real-world setting. Anyone who will be a part of your support group, like family, friends and your sponsor, is encouraged to sit in and play a role in your detox and recovery. Their presence will serve the same role as the locked doors of a residential program, by negating the ability to sneak off and score or have your dealer drop off a care package. If any complications should arise, you still have access to 24-hour nursing care and even transportation to a medical facility, if needed. 

Remember, addiction is a disease but abusing drugs is only one part of your unhealthy lifestyle. In addition to the obvious, addicts tend to neglect eating a balanced, healthy diet or getting the proper amount of exercise. If you choose residential detox your diet will probably be an institutional-grade quality at best, and any chance to exercise will likely be non-existent.

If you choose to detox at-home, every aspect of the program is custom-tailored for you and of the highest standards which offer the greatest chance to implement permanent and positive lifestyle changes. Very few residential detox facilities, save those for the ultra-exclusive, offer personalized care by nutritionists and physical therapists, but these are a typical component of a home-based detox program.  

Detox From Adderall at Home in California

A home-based detox offers improvements on so many levels over the traditional residential approach when it comes to Adderall addiction. Additionally, the savings from a residential room and board typically offset costs associated with top-notch concierge care and best yet, most insurance plans will fully cover it. If you or a loved one suffers with addiction, contact the team at MD Home Detox and see if they can help. They offer services in several states, to check and see if yours is one call them at (888) 592-7931 or, click here to email them. 

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