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How to Detox From Drugs at Home

Detoxification refers to the duration of time that the body is given to process any drugs in its system. In doing so, it clears the body of all toxic substances. Detox is the first step to recovery. The aim of detoxing is to help the individual safely manage withdrawal symptoms during their recovery process. Many people wonder how they can detox from drugs at home in a safe manner in order to avoid having to travel to an unfamiliar facility.

Medical detox programs are effective in easing the intensity of the withdrawal symptoms. They are, however, quite costly and time-consuming. This makes at-home detox plans a tempting option for most recovering addicts. It is pocket friendly and less disruptive of daily life activities. 

Nevertheless, home detoxing and self-treatment can be quite dangerous. This is due to the physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms. Some physical symptoms have also proven to be fatal. These health consequences can occur if home detoxing is not done correctly.

It is, therefore, important that one consults an addiction specialist before attempting to detox at home. 

Preparation for At-Home Detoxing

If you too are wondering how to detox from drugs at home, the following strategies will make self-treatment from the comfort of your home go smoothly. Detoxing will also be safer and with a higher chance of recovery.

1. Support from Family and Friends

Recovering addicts should open up to a loved one about their determination to quit their substance use. They should also ask for help as they embark on this journey to recovery. This emotional support will help the individual feel loved and motivated throughout the process.

How to Detox From Drugs at Home

2. Time Management

Detoxification is difficult and can be rather brutal. One is expected to experience cravings of the drug they use. Individuals are, therefore, advised to stay occupied and engaged in activities that they find interesting. This will reduce temptations and help the recovering addict avoid triggers. 

3. Nutrition and Hydration

Long-term drug abuse affects the general health of the individual. Eating healthy foods will boost their immunity and overall nourishment. This is essential to help the body recover and replenish itself. Hydration is also essential as it assists the body flush out toxins. 

4. Exercising

Working out has been proven to produce endorphins, which result in a natural high. These are the same endorphins produced when you get high on drugs. Exercising during your detox period will help you reintroduce your body to these natural endorphins. This reduces cravings and enables you to regulate your mood healthily and naturally.

5. Medication and Supplements

Medicine and supplements make a withdrawal from drugs much more manageable. However, you should seek medical advice from a doctor and get a prescription before buying over-the-counter medication. Attempting to purchase medicine randomly may worsen the situation.

Pros and Cons of Detoxing from Home

You must be sufficiently enlightened on all the positive and negative aspects of home detoxing before attempting it. This helps you get ready to face the challenges that may come with it.

The Pros of Detoxing From Drugs at Home

1. It is much more affordable compared to inpatient recovery drug treatment.

2. It is as effective as inpatient treatment for addicts with mild withdrawal symptoms.

3. You can go about your daily life activities while you detox.

4. Alternative therapies such as yoga and physical exercise make detoxing from home comfortable.

5. You get to experience the emotional support and motivation from your loved ones throughout your recovery journey.

6. It is easier to maintain relationships as you detox from home.

7. It is beneficial for someone concerned about confidentiality.

Dangers of Detoxing at Home

a. Some drugs can cause severe and life-threatening withdrawal symptoms. Substances such as valium cause the body to go into shock when the user attempts to quit. Such conditions require immediate medical attention.

b. Physical symptoms such as severe diarrhea and vomiting cause malnourishment and dehydration. These put the individual at a high risk of developing other health complications such as kidney failure.

c. Withdrawal from substances such as opiates can cause psychosis. This is because the drug has significantly affected the user’s brain chemistry. Family and friends may be unable to help a recovering addict who is suffering from mania, paranoia, or hallucinations. This could result in the individual inducing self-harm or harming others.

Treatment programs should be explicitly based on your individual needs. If you are ready to begin the home detoxing treatment plan, contact MD Home Detox for medical advice based on your specific needs.

Medically Supervised Home Detox

Once a physician has determined that home detox is appropriate for a particular substance dependency, the doctor, who is a board certified addiction specialist, will then assemble the treatment team for in home detoxification.  The team should include a trained detox nurse as well as a case manager and possibly a nutritionist at minimum.  Other therapeutic services to assist with the withdrawal symptoms may also be available.

Going through the detox process in the comfort of one’s home is far less stressful than doing so within a medical facility.  Cycling through the stages of withdrawal is difficult, but being in your familiar surroundings takes a certain amount of fear out of the process.  Another advantage of in home detox is the potential for the detox team to anticipate possible triggers in the home environment and make the necessary adjustments in advance, reducing the risk of relapse.

The purpose of detox and withdrawal is to rid the client of the substance from his or her bloodstream, stabilize him or her, and prepare the client to move into the treatment phase of recovery.  A good in home detox team will provide the different services needed to properly prepare the client for treatment.

How to Detox From Drugs at Home With MD Home Detox

MD Home Detox is a facility that offers personalized detox programs that are accessible from the comfort of your home. Our services are diverse and put in place to help you achieve optimal recovery. We provide a private nurse or access to a recovery companion throughout your journey. A doctor will also visit your home once a day. 

At MD Home Detox, we provide a variety of additional treatment plans to help you strengthen your recovery. Contact us today if you have any questions or if you are ready to begin the detoxification process.

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