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how to tell if someone is a cocaine addict


How to Tell if Someone Is a Cocaine Addict

When you are concerned a loved one may be abusing cocaine, you need to take the time to learn how to tell if someone is a cocaine addict. By educating yourself more about cocaine, you will be in a better place to provide your loved ones with assistance for their drug addiction

What Is Cocaine?

Cocaine comes from coca leaves and is purified into a powder. It is a powerful stimulant that is very addictive. Cocaine has been around for quite some time. Before it became illegal in the United States, it was used as an ingredient in medicines to treat different illnesses in the early 1900s. Even a soft drink manufacturer used it when creating its secret formula for its famous cola beverage. 

Today, pure forms of cocaine are very expensive and hard to find. Therefore, most people who experiment with cocaine actually are using a drug cut with other substances and is not entirely pure. However, the effects of the drug are still evident. 

Two of the most common forms of cocaine used are the powder form and the freebase form. The powder form is snorted or mixed with the powder with water and injected. The freebase form is mixed with water and baking soda, then heated to be smoked. 

What Does Using Cocaine Do?

Cocaine stimulates the “feel good” receptors in the brain while boosting energy levels. The effects of the drug are almost immediate, whether it is snorted, injected, or smoked. Although, the effects are short-lived and often wear off within a few hours. 

As a result, cocaine addicts will use more of the drug to maintain their high by taking “bumps” of cocaine when they start to feel the effects wear off. Unfortunately, using cocaine in this manner further increases cravings for it and reinforces the brain’s pleasure centers. As such, it is easy to understand why cocaine is so addictive. 

Signs and Symptoms to Tell if Someone Is a Cocaine Addict

Continued cocaine abuse will cause noticeable changes in your loved one’s behaviors and moods. For example, you may notice they feel full of energy, stay out late, and do not get much sleep. Although, when the effects of cocaine wear off, you could also notice they crash, have no energy, and just want to sleep. 

Other signs and symptoms that can help tell if someone is a cocaine addict include:

#1. A change in physical appearance. 

If you notice your loved one has lost significant weight, it is a side effect of cocaine abuse since it is a stimulant and suppresses appetite. Another physical change to look for is in their personal hygiene. If they have stopped bathing, wear the same clothes for multiple days, and generally have no disregard of how they smell or look, they are probably abusing cocaine. 

#2. Finding traces of whiter powder.

If you notice white powder left on flat surfaces and other items belonging to the person, this is a sign of cocaine use. The residue is most likely to be found on countertops, plates, desks, tables, and other flat surfaces. 

#3. Finding drug paraphernalia. 

Another common sign of cocaine abuse is finding glass pipes, straws, tubes, containers filled with white powder, burnt spoons, or open needles in the person’s belongings. These are all types of drug paraphernalia associated with cocaine drug use. 

#4. Problems managing money.

Supporting a cocaine drug habit is expensive. If your loved one is constantly asking to borrow money, chances are they are abusing drugs. Other money problems to look for are:

  • Late Notices for Unpaid Bills
  • Collection Notices
  • Pawn Shop Receipts
  • Payday Advance Receipts
  • Bank Accounts Are Overdrawn
  • Credit Cards Are Maxed

#5. Behaving Erratically

Cocaine installs euphoric feelings in the abuser. As a result, they can become overly excited and talkative. They are also more likely to engage in risky behaviors like mixing cocaine with alcohol, engaging in unprotected sex with multiple partners, and experimenting with other illicit drugs. Additionally, you may notice that they will start to feel anxious or paranoid at different times. This is common as higher doses of cocaine wear off. Some people also become physically sick or will exhibit sensitivity to sounds and light. 

#6. Hallucinating

The more a person abuses cocaine, the effects of the drug can start to cause hallucinations. If your loved one seems to be seeing things that are not there or talking to people that are not there, they are hallucinating. 

Cocaine Treatment Options in Beverly Hills, CA

By learning these signs how to tell if someone is a cocaine addict, you will recognize when your loved one is abusing cocaine. The first step for cocaine addicts is to undergo supervised detox to help flush the drug from the body.

Fortunately, your loved one can complete their detox from the privacy of your home with assistance from MD Home Detox in Beverly Hills, CA. We offer customizable cocaine treatment options through our concierge-level at-home treatment plans. 

Please feel free to contact us at 1 (888) 592-8541 for further information about our cocaine treatment options and at-home detox services today! 

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