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IV Vitamin Drip for Drug & Alcohol Detox

IV Vitamin Drip for Detox

Intravenous nutrition vitamin drip therapy has grown in popularity in recent years, particularly among high-profile celebrities and the super wealthy as a wellness solution to cure a wide range of health issues such as low immunity, lethargy, jet lag, hangover, dehydration, tired-looking skin, sexual dysfunction and much more. However, in recent years, vitamin drips have become more affordable, and have found their way into many different arenas of healthcare. Some studies even indicate that there may be future potential for micronutrients to assist in quitting various drugs of abuse. Now, an IV drip can be used during medical detox.

You may wonder, how does it all work? Receiving a direct infusion of vitamins and minerals, for example a high dose of vitamin C or magnesium, through an IV allows the nutrients to bypass the digestive system, thus making those nutrients available for immediate access to the bloodstream to provide the user a quick shot of instant energy while working to alleviate a number of health complaints while at it. 

IV vitamin drip for detox at home

IV Vitamin Drip for Addiction Detox

In the world of addiction treatment, IV vitamin drip therapy is one of the many holistic tools offered to help mitigate some of the withdrawal effects experienced in the early stages of treatment, and is a key part of alcohol detox at home, as supervised by our medical personnel. Because our bodies in their natural state do not readily absorb all the nutrients we consume due to varied metabolic processes, we are left with a diminished absorption capacity that decreases the ability to convert nutrients into usable energy for cells effectively. However, when utilizing IV vitamin therapy, nutrients, vitamins, and medications are administered directly into the bloodstream and consequently delivered straight to the cells that need them. In this way, IV drip therapy has shown to be an effective way to improve the functionality of a wide variety of body organs. 

Not only does vitamin therapy help to address dehydration, it additionally works to correct poor nutrition as observed in many opiate and alcohol users. A lack of nutrients is known to lead to poor functioning of the metabolism, limit the effectiveness of the immune system, and lead to diarrhea and vomiting. Therefore, a perfect cocktail of B vitamins, vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, amino acids and antioxidants combine to achieve the desired effect of balancing out the body’s hydration and electrolyte balance. This ensures that your body is operating at full capacity, with the vitamins and minerals it needs to do so. 

While you will likely still experience some of the discomfort of withdrawal symptoms from any particular substance, utilizing IV vitamin drips can be one way to help contain the physical impact of withdrawal, and increases the chances of long-term recovery. Within 20 minutes to an hour of a vitamin infusion, and depending on the micronutrients you receive, you may begin to experience the benefits of participating in this type of treatment. To begin you may simply feel less lethargic and more energized, however with time you may begin to notice the following:

• Improved emotional wellness
Enhanced mental clarity and cognitive function
• Improved physical wellness
• Increased energy levels
• Improved immune health
• A reduction in symptoms of migraine, asthma, and allergies
• Help in the maintenance and strengthening of healthy muscle and tissue

In addition to what was mentioned above, IV vitamin drips also aid the body in the detoxification process, as they signal to the kidneys and the liver to get to work to begin to flush built up toxins. With the right combination, IV drips that contain electrolytes, saline solution, vitamins, and anti-inflammatory and anti-nausea medication will go a long way to cure a hangover and beyond. 

Receive Your IV Vitamin Drip With MD Home Detox

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, consider contacting MD Home Detox to see if an IV vitamin drip can help you. Our team of professionals work around the clock to help those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. Begin the admissions process to detox safely in the comfort of your own home by contacting us today.

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