We are working during these difficult times. Our professional medical team is taking precautions to assure your safety.

Our Home Detox Locations

MD Home Detox services CA, CO, NY, NJ, CT, PA, and WA. We will coordinate and customize your in-home services based on your specific needs.

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    #1 Home Detox From Drug and Alcohol Addiction in the USA. MD Home Detox services in CA, CO, NY, NJ, CT, PA, and WA.

    We will coordinate and customize your in-home services based on your specific needs and requests. Call for a free confidential assessment with one of our private nurses. Our team will review your case, outline a care plan, and schedule a date to meet with you at your home.

    MD Home Detox from drug and alcohol

    MD Home Detox will come to your home and facilitate a safe & comfortable drug or alcohol detox. Our medical professionals in the California area are second to none at managing the comfort of our clients, including prescribing and monitoring of medicines to aid comfort and stabilization.

    Detox Programs in Los Angeles, California

    At-home detox treatment or services are ones that provide those who are addicted with a way to overcome the addiction by removing the drug from their system. We service the state of New York, including cities like: Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse and Albany.

    New York detox at home

    With our medical staff, and even your family close by, you can detox from the comfort of your own home. Our substance abuse detox programs come to you and provide you with the care you require. We service the state of New Jersey including cities like: Jersey City, Newark, Atlantic City, and Hoboken.

    new jersey detox services

    You should not face the consequences of withdrawal symptoms alone, especially since they can be quite dangerous and relatively uncomfortable. We service Connecticut, including cities like: Bristol, Bridgeport, Hartford, and New Haven.

    Hartford-Connecticut Detox Program

    A medically assisted detox has helped many people get back to the road of recovery. If you are going to recover for the long-term, then you want to have the best experience. We service Pennsylvania, including Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

    Pennsylvania detox at home

    MD Home Detox provides detailed, responsive in-home detox services for those in the Colorado area. Get sober right at home in a safe, comfortable atmosphere with our detox professionals.

    colorado at home detox

    We work with individuals to help them get on the best path to a full recovery by coming up with a personalized plan that suits your needs.

    Washington detox at home

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    MD Home Detox is the first individualized concierge recovery program offered in the United States. Our recovery program offers a fully-integrated team treatment approach that is designed for the home environment.

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