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Parents got me sober


My Parents got me sober

My parents forced me into rehab and I stayed for 90 days. I would have left sooner, but I had nowhere else to go. My counselor told me that my next step was a ‘sober living’ place. I didn’t know what that was but I learned that I could go there and learn how to have friends, work, and start to become an adult all without getting loaded. I learned how to budget, go grocery shopping, started a part-time job at a skateboard shop, and started to pay for my own cell phone bill. The sober living house took me and my friends to AA and NA meetings in the area. I went to meetings and met other guys who skate, and look like me, but don’t drink or get loaded either.

I never would have thought I could have this kind of life and actually like it, but I do. I have friends like I never had before and I know that I can take care of myself with the help of these people I’ve met. I’m going to finish my second semester at LMU and I’m working toward getting my Drug and Alcohol certification since I’ve been helping other guys with their sobriety so well. I was mad at my parents when they first sent me to rehab, but I’m grateful to them now.”

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