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Orange County Home Detox Program

Orange County Home Detox Program

For residents of Orange County who fear they are in the early stages of alcohol or drug addiction, there is now an alternative solution besides checking yourself into a detox facility.

MD Home Detox, an innovator in home detoxification treatment, is now available in the Orange County area. Its home detox program is geared to help you withdraw from drug or alcohol addiction in the privacy of your own home surroundings.

Government figures show that only 11 percent of drug addicts ever enter a professional detox program. There are several legitimate reasons for this. One is the high cost of checking into a detox facility for 30 days or more. Another is that many addicts can’t take the time away from work or their schooling to leave home and participate in an extended in-patient program. Our in-home detox treatment resolves those issues.
Who is Eligible for the MD Home-based Detox Program?

The MD Home Detox program is designed to help those people who know they are in the beginning stages of addiction and want to get help before their problem gets worse. In some cases, people who have been thorough a detox facility one time and need after-discharge support are also eligible,

The program is not designed for those people who have gone through rehab programs numerous times and continually relapse.

Here’s How does the MD Home Detox program works.

1. If you feel you are eligible for in-home detox care, call MD Home Detox. Our professional detox counselors will explain our program.

2. Once you are accepted into the home detox program, a medical team will come to your home and layout a plan of action for you to follow in order to rid yourself of your dependency on drugs or alcohol.

3. MD Home Detox nurses will visit you in your home on a regular basis to check on your detox progress. They will also check to make sure you are following the prescribed detox treatment.

4. When you have successfully completed your detox program, you will be given a discharge plan that will help you maintain an addiction-free life again.

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