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rapid detox at home for opiate addiction


Rapid Detox at Home for Opiate Addiction

Rapid detox at home for opiate addiction can help make the pain of withdrawal easier to cope with and encourage successful recovery.

The ordeal of kicking an opiate addiction is a grueling, painful and very unpleasant experience. Ask anyone who has gone through it, the minutes can feel like hours and the hours can seem like days, constantly gritting your teeth and watching the clock, praying for time to pass. All the while your body is in active revolt, suffering night sweats, fevers, chills, muscle and bone pain, interspersed with sprints to the bathroom to vomit, and worse. These are all part of withdrawals from any in opiate. Any addict who tries to kick on their own will fail. They could not stop up to this point, with a full on physical need for the drug, it is no longer getting high, it is not getting sick. Nobody possesses the willpower to quit opiates cold-turkey, to not give in to the misery and succeed at getting clean.

Withdrawals usually last a week or so, but some symptoms like the constant fidgeting and restlessness, or mood swings and irritability may linger for months. If the idea of suffering through this has kept you from getting clean, then maybe the process of rapid detox is the solution. Rapid detox has been around since the 1980’s, but with the advances in both addiction treatment and modern medicine, the rapid detox process is now both more comfortable and safer. 

How Does Rapid Detox for Opiate Addiction Work?

The process of rapid detox for opiate addiction is done by administering anesthesia to the addict and while they are unconscious a cocktail of specialized antagonist medications are administered to speed the detoxification along quickly, so the patient wakes with the worst of the physical withdrawal already done. This is accomplished by administering drugs like naloxone, which is used to counter overdoses, intravenously to quickly flush the drugs from their body and eliminate any trace of the drug in their system. When they are awakened from the anesthesia, the worst of the physical withdrawals are over, the patient is physically clean from the physical addiction but the lingering psychological addiction if not addressed and treated, will cause yearnings and a need, so further treatment and counseling is a must. 

When a person uses an opiate, it overloads the dopamine in the brain, triggering that pleasurable high feeling. The expression, “chasing that first high” means the brain adjusts to the dopamine from the opiate and will cut its production levels in proportion to the amount an addict uses. Very quickly the addict must use more of the substance to achieve the same feeling. The extra dopamine creates feelings of pleasure at first but as the brain lowers its production in response, more of the drug is required to achieve the same effect. By taking more it further depresses the brain’s production, so it takes more of the drug and just like that, an addict is born.  

What is Rapid Detox for Opiate Addiction at Home Like?

A typical opiate detox involves weeks-long physical ailments which drag on endlessly, and in almost every case the addict will fail, if attempting it by themselves. Most of these cases give up within the first day or two and go right back, or to any substitute just to end their misery. The brain itself craves and needs that dopamine to regulate many bodily functions and because it is no longer producing dopamine, anyone who stops cold-turkey will go into full withdrawals.  

Attempting to detox from opiates can have serious health risks, so it should always be done under the care of a doctor, which is the benefit of choosing MD Home Detox. Instead of undergoing the detox process in a sterile, uncomfortable industrial setting, they are a team of various medical professionals who provide their services in your own home. Many people do not want to go to a facility for fear of being seen, this eliminates that concern plus it is much more familiar and comfortable. 

Their process is thorough, it starts with an initial consultation where they come and examine your home. They will also meet with any family members or friends you wish to include, as well as examine the environment to ensure its suitability to get clean by removing any type of trigger. Their team is designed to mesh well with you and your particular personality, they plan every single minute of the treatment in advance. They provide 24-hour nurses who will stay with you through everything and have a pre-planned method to get you to a medical facility immediately should any problems arise. 

After your detox, they can arrange for further residential treatment, or just develop an aftercare program designed to meet your needs whatever they may be in your particular case. They can even provide sober companions who will even attend meetings with you and help you make your own set of sober friends, anything that is required they offer because they care and without these additional measures, relapse is basically guaranteed at some point.   

Rapid Opiate Detox in California

If you or someone you know is addicted to opiates and would like to quit, but cannot for any reason, MD Home Detox is there to guide you every step of the way, all in the confines and privacy of your own home. They offer the safest rapid at home detox as there are many risks associated with the 8-hour rapid detoxes, including the initial relapse if the addict uses the same amount, they have zero tolerance and will likely overdose. So MD Home Detox offers a 4-day detox, much safer and still designed to rapidly flush the drugs from your body but in a safer, more comfortable way, and they begin the psychological counseling and treatment during the process. Call them at (888) 592-7931 or, click here to email them and put an end to the misery today.

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