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San Diego is often called “America’s Finest City” because of its location by the Pacific Ocean, mild climate, excellent economy and wide range of entertainment venues.

It’s not so fine if you live there under the duress of being addicted to drugs or alcohol. All of the sunshine and nice surroundings can’t help that. Only you can help yourself by taking action to rid yourself of your addiction.

There us a detox program that allows you to fight and conquer your addiction from the comfort of your home. MD Home Detox is now provides in-home detoxification care in the San Diego area. It is designed to help you or a loved one safely withdraw from drug or alcohol dependency without the expense or time required to check into an in-patient detox facility.

This program fills a need long recognized in the San Diego detox community.

MD Home Detox helps overcome two of the major factors that prevent addicts from seeking professional: the high cost of inpatient care at rehab facilities or the time away from jobs for schooling needed to complete a 30-day program or longer.

Who Is Eligible for Home-based Detox Program?

The MD Home Detox program is designed to help those people who recognize that they are in the early stages of addiction and need help before their problem gets worse or people have been thorough a detox facility and need after-discharge support.

Unfortunately, longtime addicts or those who have gone through rehab programs numerous times and continually relapse are not eligible for our program.

How the MD Home Detox program works.

1. If you feel you are eligible for in-home detox care, call us. An admissions counselor will explain our program.

2. If accepted, a medical team will be dispatched to your home to determine your addiction level.

3. Once that status is known, the team will form a plan of action to fit your individual needs.

4. Our nurses will visit your home on a regular basis to check on your detox progress and to make sure you are following prescribed treatment. The ultimate goal of our program is to help you rid yourself of your dependency on drugs or alcohol.

5. These nurse work closely with the supervising doctor and keep the clinical team informed on your progress.

6. When you have successfully completed your detox program, you will be given a plan on how to maintain your new addiction-free life.

Regain control of your life…call us today!

If you have an addiction problem that fits our care criteria, pick up the phone TODAY and call us at 888.592.8541. That’s your first step in making today your first day to a happier life and healthier life

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