Private Nurse Services

Private Nurse Services for Addiction and Mental Health

All of our nurses have worked in hospitals and treatment facilities. They are experts in the field of addiction and are able to provide a safe and stable environment for detoxification in the home. They can observe, monitor and address symptoms of withdrawal while the detoxification process is happening. They work closely with our doctors and communicate regularly on all aspects of medical care, including blood pressure, medication management and nutritional intake.

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Our assessment process includes an evaluation of food and dietary needs and we provide nutritionists to clients interested in improving their health through food planning. Some of our case managers assist clients by grocery shopping and meal planning for them on a weekly or daily basis.

This will depend on the acuity of your detox and the substances you are removing from your system. You and your doctor will determine the right medications for you, to make you as comfortable and safe as possible. Our approach to detoxification is to ensure that you are comfortable for the duration of your detox, but are free and clear of all medications related to the detox once you have stabilized.

Yes, we will provide a nurse, or a recovery companion the entire time, and a Medical Doctor will visit the home once per day.

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