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Older Adults and Substance Abuse

When it comes to substance abuse and addiction, older adults represent an underserved part of the population. Contrary to popular belief, the older you get does not actually reduce the risk for substance abuse. In actuality, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), the rates of hazardous alcohol and drug use […]

23 Apr

The Science behind ‘Getting Hooked’

Addiction is regarded as a disorder that is characterized by compulsive drug seeking and uses and involves physical changes to the brain’s functioning involved in the reward system, stress response, and ability for self-control. Just like heart disease, addiction can be thought of as a disease of the brain, in its disruption of the normal, […]

09 Apr

4 More Reasons People Do Not Seek Treatment

One may be eligible for treatment, but may not necessarily receive it. There is a large majority of people who would benefit from treatment for substance abuse disorders, yet do not seek it. There are many common reasons that people don’t seek treatment that can easily discourage one from getting the help they need including a […]

02 Apr

Knowing When to Ask for Help

In today’s demanding and complicated world, we all face daily challenges. Whether it’s needing advice in a relationship or how to handle an issue at work, to something far more serious, like feeling alone, rejected, or trapped in a marathon of the destructive cycle of addiction; admitting that you need help in these types of […]

22 Mar
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Inpatient vs. At-Home Treatment for Addiction: Which is Best?

Every case of addition is unique, with specific personal needs that should be approached accordingly for best results. Here, we will discuss the various strengths, weaknesses, and best case applications for inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment and addiction rehabilitation. For the best chance at a full and sustainable recovery, finding the best program for the patient […]