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The Danger of Using Tramadol for Xanax Withdrawal

Once you decide to stop using drugs, you must ensure your detox is safe. For many benzodiazepines, users quit by replacing one substance with a less potent one. This switch can pose severe challenges to your recovery and even your health. For example, there are significant risks involved if use tramadol during Xanax withdrawal

If you use tramadol when Xanax is still in your system, you are at considerable risk. Mixing it with other drugs that also cause CNS depression can lead to severe effects, such as comma, distress, and even death. You may also replace one substance abuse with another one. Although tramadol is not highly addictive, there have been reports of patients becoming dependent on it, especially after using it for weeks or months. 

What is Tramadol? 

Tramadol is the common name for a prescription drug that drug stores sell as Ultram ER, Rybix ODT, Ultram, and Conzip. It comes from a class of substances called opiate narcotic analgesics. Patients use it to treat severe to moderate levels of pain. You can feel its effects within one hour of consumption. 

Users often take 50 mg to 100 mg every four to six hours, depending on their prescriptions. For people with chronic pain, such as those with osteoarthritis, they may take more frequent doses. Common street names of tramadol are ultras, chill pills, and trammies. 

When you take tramadol, it acts on two compounds responsible for pain, norepinephrine, and serotonin. It relieves pain by lowering the amount of these compounds in your brain cells. 

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Liver enzymes also break down tramadol into O-desmethyl tramadol. This compound attaches to the opioid receptor. Morphine also binds to this receptor. However, tramadol is not as potent as morphine. 

The Nature of Xanax 

Xanax belongs to the sedative-hypnotic category of drugs that includes barbiturates and alcohol. Sedatives are CNS depressants. Benzodiazepines, such as Xanax, are among the most abused drugs worldwide. 

Benzos are typically prescribed by medics to help patients cope with various conditions. If patients use them for a long time, or they misuse them, they are likely to become dependent on them. Once you become reliant on them, quitting is difficult as they are highly addictive. Despite their addictive nature, doctors continue to prescribe them to patients. 

Tramadol and the DEA 

The Drug Enforcement Agency classified tramadol as a Schedule IV drug in 2014. This determination was due to the rising cases of people abusing tramadol and the drug having some effects, despite the initial perception of it being a relatively safe medication.  

Records show that a prescription drug task force notified the DEA that tramadol was a loophole substance. This notification means that many doctors and patients were unaware of the effects of tramadol due to the freedom that was surrounding its prescription and distribution. The task force also said that patients are likely to become addicted to tramadol, abuse it, or divert it. To regulate its use and distribution, the DEA opted to classify it as a Schedule IV substance. 

The Opioid Effect of Tramadol 

Tramadol has opiate chemical compounds, which make it useful. Opioids bind to some receptors in the brain and activate them. Your body creates these receptors naturally, and they affect the section of the brain that is responsible for the feelings of reward-based pleasure and pain. 

You can use opioids to cope with pain. An opioid binds with a receptor and affects the information flowing through your body. This action blocks the signals transmitting physical distress caused by pain to your mind. Feeling good with opioids in your system can quickly breed addiction. You think that you have accomplished something when you take an opioid, which makes you susceptible to taking more doses. 

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After some time, your consumption goes from alleviating discomfort and pain to the only source of pleasure. This transition explains why it can be challenging to use tramadol. You can develop a dependence on it quickly. When you take sufficient doses of tramadol for long, it causes dangerous effects that are similar to those of controlled substances. 

How Xanax and Tramadol Interact 

Xanax and tramadol are CNS depressants. Both these substances are highly addictive and can lead to high tolerance levels if you use them for an extended period. Consequently, you will need more of the drugs to achieve the same effects. 

Xanax and tramadol work differently in your body, but as CNS depressants, they mix the effect of each other. All central nervous system depressants are cross-tolerant with each other. This reality means developing a tolerance for one results in a tolerance for the other. 

If you switch from Xanax to tramadol, you are likely to find them less useful. You may end up taking more doses, which can lead to another addiction. You may also overdose. Xanax can increase the lethality of tramadol. Combined sedative impacts of tramadol and Xanax can lead to death from depressed breathing.

Tramadol and Xanax Treatment from MD Home Detox 

Quitting Xanax and tramadol can be problematic on your own. MD Home Detox qualified personnel that will go through your case and develop a reliable treatment plan for you. We tailor treatment programs to suit our clients. Our services are available in various locations in the U.S, including NY, CO, NJ, CA, PA, CT, and WA. We offer different services, such as Home Detox, Executive Detox, Aftercare, Family Education, Mental Health, Family Counseling, Sober Companions, and Family Education.

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Addiction can negatively impact addicts and those around them. Consequently, a reliable treatment should incorporate the addict’s family. Therapy helps the addict get in the right mindset during and after detox. It may also help the family overcome the difficulties and painful emotions caused by substance use disorder. MD Home Detox provides counseling, and our experts can help you develop an aftercare program that will sustain your sobriety. 

Rapid Xanax Detox in Los Angeles

Xanax withdrawal can be challenging. You are likely to experience severe withdrawal symptoms that may make you turn to other drugs, such as tramadol, to cope. This practice is dangerous as the Xanax may not be entirely out of your system. Using the two is highly discouraged as they may lead to severe consequences, including death. Additionally, you may develop an addiction to tramadol, which results in another problem for you. 

You need help to withdraw from Xanax safely. MD Home Detox offers the reliable services you need to overcome Xanax addiction without complications. Our qualified staff will craft a unique program for you. They will also ensure you have holistic treatment, which incorporates rehab, therapy, and aftercare planning. Learn more about MD Home Detox to get the right help to quit drugs safely.

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