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What Are Meth Sores?

what are meth sores

Meth abuse causes many problems in a person’s life. Any type of addiction harms people, but meth can prove especially harsh. One of the big risks involves skin damage like meth sores. What are meth sores? They come from harm done to the skin by a meth user. Additionally, not providing medical care for them can make them worse. If you struggle with meth abuse, it’s important to learn about meth sores. As well, it’s time to get the help for your addiction that you need. This can come from an expert, at-home detox.

What Is Meth?

Methamphetamine, often called “meth”, is a type of stimulant drug. It comes from the original drug amphetamine, which can be used to treat cold and flu-like symptoms. Meth is an illegally manufactured drug that carries a high risk of addiction. It affects the central nervous system by causing a rush of energy and euphoria. Because of this, many people end up using it for these results.

Prescription amphetamines, when used as directed, can bring relief to medical symptoms. Conversely, meth used at similar doses causes a bigger impact. A larger amount of the drug affects the brain and central nervous system in a negative way. Meth can come in powder, a rock, and chunks of crystal called “ice”.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) conducted a study in 2017 on drug use. They found that about 774,000 people aged 12 or older used meth. One of the side effects of meth abuse is meth sores. Someone unfamiliar with meth may wonder “What are meth sores?”. We’ve put together a guide to understanding what they are and how dangerous they can be.

What Are Meth Sores?

Prolonged meth abuse can lead to many harmful side effects. Furthermore, a huge risk involves skin problems like meth sores. Meth sores are skin lesions, such as red dots, rashes, and cuts. In fact, skin damage provides a key indicator of meth use and addiction. For that matter, the more sores a person has, the likelier they have engaged in long-term abuse. In short, meth sores are open wounds on the skin of a meth user.

When it comes to answering the question “What are meth sores?”, consider that meth constricts the blood flow. When a person uses meth, the vessels in the body that transport blood get tighter. As a consequence, blood flow becomes restricted. Skin needs help from the blood to repair itself. What is more, this blood restriction limits the ability of the skin to repair itself. As a result, sores remain open and at risk of infection.

Meth sores can occur in several places on the body. First, they can happen at the point of injection into the body. Second, they may happen on a person’s face. In fact, acne breakouts prove common in meth abusers. Third, meth sores can happen in and around the mouth.

What Are Meth Sore Causes?

Several things should be considered when wondering “What are meth sores?” Some common causes of meth sores include:

Burns From Paraphernalia

When meth is smoked with a pipe, it can burn the user. Meth sores can appear on or around the lips, as well as on the tongue.

Reduced Blood Flow

Meth use restricts the body’s blood flow. Because of this, the skin is negatively impacted. It can cause the release of toxins through pores. This can cause acne and other poor outcomes. In the event this happens, meth users are likely to pick at their skin. Then, they begin a cycle of meth sores.


A common side effect of meth use involves something called “meth bugs”. Sadly, many users deal with meth psychosis. They often believe they can feel meth bugs on or under their skin. For this reason, the person scratches and tears at their skin.

Being Unaware of Skin Damage

Existing in a heavy drug state, a meth addict might not notice the damage caused to their skin. Under those circumstances, the skin festers and stays untreated. This can cause dangerous infections.

Poor Hygiene

Many people with substance use disorders begin to neglect their hygiene. A lack of showers and regular skin care can cause dry skin, acne, and other results. From there, these can turn into meth sores.

Damaged Immune System

Meth abuse weakens the immune system. Consequently, a person has trouble fending off infections and germs on the skin.

Effects of Meth and Meth Sores on the Mind and Body

Meth abuse can cause great damage to a person in several ways. In fact, if left untreated, it can become deadly. Physical side effects of meth and meth sores include:

Loss of appetite

Difficulty sleeping

Nausea and vomiting

Dilated pupils

Elevated heart rate

High body temperature


Risk of overdose

Dental damage

Infection from meth sores


Heart, lung, and brain damage

Meth abuse can also cause psychological and emotional side effects. These include:



Panic attacks




Violent outbursts

Shame (often because of poor skin conditions)

What Are Meth Sore Treatments?

What are meth sore treatments? Some can be done at home to help heal skin damaged by meth use. First, keep all meth sore wounds clean. Gentle cleansing with warm water and soap should be done regularly. As well, not picking at the wounds goes a long way in letting them heal.

Seeking treatment from medical professionals also helps. For one thing, a person may be embarrassed to admit to a doctor that they have meth sores. On the other hand, medical experts understand this condition is common. Subsequently, they can offer wound care and medications to help.

Last of all, entering recovery for meth abuse goes a long way toward healing meth sores. For example, a sober life often means learning to do things like eating healthy. Doing so allows the body the nutrients it needs. In turn, the skin becomes healthier.

Treatment for Meth Addiction in Los Angeles

Are you struggling with a meth addiction? If so, MD Home Detox in Los Angeles can provide treatment that changes lives. We offer an at-home detox service that helps you get off meth for good. Additionally, we provide any needed medications to help ease withdrawal symptoms. Then, we help you decide on your next treatment step. Contact us today and we will be happy to answer any questions you have. Our 24/7 medical supervision in your home offers the safety and privacy you deserve.

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