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detox from alcohol


What it’s like to DETOX from Alcohol: A story by A.W.

“I was the CEO of a successful company, and I was able to retire early when I sold the company at forty years old. I began to travel with my wife and kids and was living the good life. Without the structure of a day-to-day schedule, I became restless and felt empty, irritable and began to drink more. When I working I was able to keep my alcholism at bay, but in retirement, my alcoholism escalated and my wife left me within 2 years. I began the process of attempting to get sober. It took another three years and four treatment center programs. I got sober the last time three years ago when I detoxed at home under the supervision of a doctor and nurse.

I was at risk for having seizures or a heart attack due to withdrawal from alcohol, so they made sure that I came through the process without any medical complications. When treatment team stabilized me, the counselor worked with me to articulate my desire to regain my relationships with my wife and children. Slowly, the counselor helped me to start to admit that I didn’t have control over the world like I’d had control in my company.We set small goals, and I began to work with a family therapist to figure out how to reconnect with my family. My wife and I reconciled and I have pretty good relationships with my kids. The treatment team found therapists to work with my wife and kids and wrapped all of us with support. There is still a lot of work to do, but I feel hope that we will continue to get better and grow together as a family.”

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